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Probably the most important thing first: Here you can buy the best legal LSD! It works just as strongly as the original because it is metabolized into real LSD in the body.

buy lsdIf you want to buy LSD today (lysergic acid diethylamide), there are basically 3 options available. In this article we explain what these are are and how you can order LSD, especially on the Internet. The basis for this is primarily the evaluation of numerous newspaper reports as well as our own experience and extensive research.

Note: This article is a translation by non-native speakers. We therefore apologize for any linguistic errors. The content, however, is independently of this correct and elaborately researched. The text offers great added value and should answer all open questions. We have been working on it for a long time!

The 3 options mentioned for the acquisition of the drug also known as Acid are as follows:

1.) Here you can buy a highly potent replacement LSD as a so-called "LEGAL HIGH" in the trustful NL-Onlineshop (100% legal and very simple – the most popular and best variant)

2.) Order original LSD in Darknet (requires technical knowledge and is quite complex)

3.) Buy LSD from the drug dealer or on the street (the classic or spontaneous variant and very expensive)

In particular, the first two methods are sufficiently explained below. However, we would like to stress that at no time do we call or encourage people to purchase or consume illegal drugs! Please follow the laws in your country of residence and research them yourself.

Buy LSD – Price comparison

When ordering online, the vast majority of consumers are increasingly turning to buying identical-looking replacement LSD. Such a LSD replacement is available as a so-called designer drug (also called "LEGAL HIGHS") and achieves practically the same effect as the original. Clever chemists have only made minor changes to lysergic acid diethylamide, giving them an equivalent alternative called 1P-LSD, which is legally available and metabolized in the body to "real" LSD.

You can buy such replacement LSD from the European market leader in a serious and safe way and order it reliably in front of your door. But this Smartshop also offers other hallucinogens for sale. The following is a clear price comparison of the most popular products:

Image LSD Description & Effect Price Buy this
Vorschaubild 1p-lsd kaufen als Legal Highs 2x Hofman LSD It looks almost identical to the original LSD, but chemically differs only marginally. Most popular hallucinogen in the shop. Users are enthusiastic! Also perfect for beginners. Many hours of guaranteed colourful travel.
23,90 € Buy here
2x STRONG-LSD Very strong LSD, not for the inexperienced (or take half a serving). Intense, colourful experiences like not from this world! Travel through the universe with a soul rocket 🙂 24,90 € Buy here
Vorschaubild diverse legal highs halluzinogene kaufen im sparpaket Further LSD variants Here you can find more LSD-variants to buy online in the overview 21,90 € Buy here
vorschaubild allgemein für mushroom growkit pilz growbox Magic mushrooms Magic mushrooms look quite similar, but not quite as intense and hallucinogenic. Very good for beginners who have little experience with such drugs. Your trip can be steered quite well and does not last so long. 13,00 € Buy here
Vorschaubild hawaiianische holzrose kaufen LSA seeds The active substance LSA is chemically very similar to LSD and is legal. The effect is comparable to magic mushrooms. The focus is on the psychedelic component. 5,00 € Buy here
buy cannabis online as minipic 3g Cannabis LEGAL-HIGH: equivalent replacement cannabis, based on synthetic cannabinoids and sometimes even stronger than the original! 28,90€ Buy here
Vorschaubild 4-fa 4fmp kaufen als Legal Highs 4 Ecstasy Pills (MDMA) LEGAL-HIGH: They look like real ecstasy and are perfect for partying and celebrating! Very euphoric and energizing. 29,90 € Buy here
Vorschaubild ethylphenidat kaufen als Legal Highs 1g Amphetamine LEGAL-HIGH: Works like real amphetamine. Makes you awake, strengthens your concentration and gives you a lot of energy. Package lasts very long. 28,90 € Buy here
Status of information:  minor changes possible in the meantime

Important: Please ask yourself before you buy if this substance is still legally available in your country! The legal situation can change over time. Please do not commit any illegal acts and respect the laws!

buy cannabis onlineAt this famous online shop you can buy guaranteed high quality alternative LSD. It was not for nothing that this Smartshop became the European market leader in the field of psychoactive drugs. He offers all drugs legal in Holland for worldwide shipment. Our experience also shows that drugs ordered there reach customers quickly and easily. So you can trust this LSD Shop completely. Under no circumstances would we recommend you a dubious online drug shop that we have never tested ourselves.

Just take a look at the countless consistently positive user reviews and comments on the product pages and external review portals. Countless, almost 100% positive reviews prove the ingenuity of this shop and its products! The field reports also testify that this replacement is confusingly similar to the original Lysergäurediethylamid. So if you want to buy good LSD, you can’t do anything wrong here. Often this alternative acid surpasses even ordinary cardboard, as the dealer usually sells a much lower dosage than is the case here. So be careful: The LSD effect, which many consumers know from a trip, is often even surpassed here. Half a ticket of a blotter is enough to get you started. The effect is roughly comparable to that of magic mushrooms and their active ingredient psilocybin. Depending on the dosage, however, it will usually be even more severe, especially with regard to optical hallucinations and the play of colours.

A little warning is still allowed. Because only because one can buy such LSD very easily, the consumption does not become more harmless thereby! Psychologically unstable people should not get emotionally involved in this legal 1P-LSD either. Healthy consumers should also refrain from consumption if the necessary prerequisites such as optimal set and setting are not available. So only take it if you feel good and the circumstances promise a good trip (people and environment have to be right). You can’t fool around with a horror trip. Even if this happens very rarely and is at the latest after sleeping on the next day, one does not want to experience such psychedelic experiences a second time. Basically, however, an LSD experience is described as predominantly positive in the vast majority of cases and also scientifically considered, this hallucinogen is considered to be a fairly harmless drug (lands on the third last place!):

statistic drugs harm ranking by david nutt

LSD occupies the third last (!) place in this study carried out by the researcher Dr. David Nutt concerning the dangerousness of drugs (the mainstream media like to put it the other way around).

Order safely this LSD

It is enough to order this replacement LSD just like in a normal online shop. In the past it was even possible to order all legal highs in full compliance with the law. When the state identified such a designer drug and banned it, new ones came onto the market immediately. In the case of these drugs, also known as research chemicals, the basic chemical structure was only slightly altered. The result was a new, legal LSD with the same effect as usual, which was freely available for purchase. This substance 1P-LSD represents a precursor in the biosynthesis of lysergic acid diethylamide in the body, i.e. it only corresponds to the same substance in a different metabolic process status. Psychonauten do not notice any differences in the effect!

These times are unfortunately over with regard to herbal mixtures and bath salt drugs, as the governments have recently introduced the "Law to Combat New Psychoactive Substances", in which for the first time whole classes of active substances were subject to the narcotic law. Previously, only a few replacement drugs were affected. But hallucinogenic designer drugs such as 1P-LSD, ETH-LAD, AL-LAD and co are still completely legal to buy (as of 2018). By the way, wood rose seeds with their similarly working and also sounding active substance LSA would be a natural alternative to it, which also counts to 100% to the legal drugs. So you can still order replacement LSD without any problems from the above mentioned online drug shop. Experience has shown that virtually every package always arrives at the customer without problems.

And since the European Union no longer carries out standard customs controls in the neo-liberal spirit, even illegal drugs enter the country by post (see section "Buying LSD in Darknet"). Fortunately, even with the few random checks by police and customs, such substitute drugs and other "research chemicals" cannot be detected by dogs (since the drug dogs were never trained on them).

buy lsd - here with varities on the picture

Picture: 48 different LSD cardboards – their active ingredient is always the same, only the appearance varies

If, despite this, you still want to buy a replacement LSD with maximum possible anonymity, you simply do the following:

  • First of all, he seals his lips on the subject! No one else needs to care that you buy and throw in alternative drugs like these. You can’t even imagine which well-minded people today could be able to swing the envelope tomorrow. That’s why it’s better to remain silent!
  • Explicitly with the alternative LSD ordering one tries to win a close buddy for the purpose of safety. He buys the LSD drug in your place in the online shop and orders it to his home address. Optionally, it could also be delivered to a Packstation. But it costs money and is expensive.
  • In addition, said buddy would also have to take over the payment of the bill. At best, pay immediately by Bitcoin. In this way one remains anonymous at most. If everything is not necessary, but some psychonauts can sleep better.

Buy LSD and order online in Darknet

Buying and ordering "real" LSD on the Internet is only possible with the help of Darknet. Although there are also alleged drug shops on the normal Internet (i.e. sites listed on Google), these are almost always fake and also unsafe. More on that below. There we explain exactly how the Darknet works. But it is much more complicated than shopping in a normal online shop.

– – – – –

Here in all brevity the purely theoretical summary for the impatient among you:

1.) Open an account with

2.) Under "Deposit" click on "Generate Bitcoin address" (is a long code of numbers and letters)

3.) Deposit real money at Virwox (e.g. by Paysafecard, Paypal, credit card, bank transfer, etc.)

4.) Now you get "Linden-Dollar" (SLL) and click on "BTC/SLL" in the left menu under "change". Here you exchange the desired amount in Bitcoin and now own very anonymously bought Bitcoins!

5.) Install TOR-Browser now (only with this anonymous browser you can get into Darknet)

6.) Launch TOR browser and select the best and largest drug marketplace

7.) Just use Google for current adresses (we don’t link to Darknet, sorry)

8.) Register there and transfer the required Bitcoins from the Virwox account to the Bitcoin address of your Darknet account (to a new exclusive Bitcoin address consisting of numbers and letters that you receive after registering).

9.) There you go. Now you could buy LSD or other drugs on the biggest Darknet portal and get them sent home by mail. But be careful: Please do not commit any illegal acts and only act in accordance with the law!

– – – – –

The LSD ordering of the acid drug in the Darknet is unfortunately much more complicated than buying the alternative and equivalent version at the Smartshop mentioned – but also at least 50% cheaper than at the drug dealer. It is important to know that the Darknet is not a publicly visible part of the Internet. Rather, the Darknet is a kind of hidden network. Only by means of special software a drug market place can be called in the Darknet. Normal browsers can’t even access it and therefore can’t be captured by Google! This ensures, for example, the highest possible level of anonymity when buying LSD. In general one can say that all drugs in Darknet are much cheaper to buy and at the same time much higher purity. What’s the matter with you? Because all the middlemen are eliminated and the goods reach the customer from the producer or wholesaler without any detours.

buy lsd on darknet screenshotA problem when ordering LSD in the Darknetshop is especially for unneeded Internet users in the detection of fraud sites. How are they supposed to assess whether this or that drug site is fake or usable? Before buying, you should therefore research the reputation of the dealer or portal properly. At the top of the short summary you will find the best Darknet drug portal currently available. But even with a functioning black market Amazon there could be complications. Because sooner or later all drug markets in Darknet will disappear. Be it because, like the "Silkroad", they are taken down by the police, or simply because the admins disappear with the users' money. Although ordering LSD and buying other drugs usually works, such a thing happens regularly in the scene. This must be observed at all costs. The probability of becoming a victim of such machinations is small, but existing. So don’t have any bitcoins lying around on the portal, but always store them in your Virwox account if you don’t need them! At the online shop mentioned at the beginning, one already has better cards, even if they don’t sell an original acid.

How can you order LSD in the Darknet? We will not deliver a decided instruction to order drugs in Darknet here, but it can be roughly understood above. The general procedure for buying LSD in Darknet can be outlined as follows:

  1. The very first step is to establish data security. You have to install the TOR-Browser. This is the only way to call up and display the Darknet pages.
  2. Next you search anonymously for a suitable Darknet Marketplace to buy drugs using this browser. The above list will help.
  3. Once you have found such a drug Amazon (it actually works like Amazon, only with illegal goods), you compare the prices and customer feedback of different online drug dealers.
  4. Now follows the most difficult one, namely buying and paying in anonymous Bitcoins. For this you change real Euros into Bitcoins (see instructions above). From this wallet you then pay for the desired goods.
  5. Delivery is made either to your own address or alternatively to an anonymous packing station.

As briefly mentioned above, one should never order LSD in an alleged drug shop of the normal internet. Nearly all such online drug shops outside Darknet are nothing but rip-offs and cheats! Unfortunately naive people fall for it again and again and give her hard earned money to charlatans without ever getting anything in return. If you want to buy LSD, you can either order it in the Smartshop or in the Darknet. With a little luck you can even find LSD pills there – a rarity on the drug market and usually quite high doses.

Buy LSD from the drug dealer (on the street)

The traditional way to buy LSD is to go to the regular dealer and buy it there. However, the drug concentration of lysergic acid diethylamide in the dealer is not as high as, for example, in Darknet or as a substitute in Smartshop. In Darknet there are at least concrete data on the active substance content, while offline not even the drug dealer knows about it. This makes it very difficult to carry out the dosage and for safety reasons it is better to start with only half a consumption unit.

If you want to buy LSD spontaneously and can’t reach a dealer, you could sometimes try it successfully on the street. Most of the time you know the well known drug handling places of his city. Even though acid is less often traded as an addictive substance such as Crystal Meths, one can try one’s luck. Such places where drugs are sold can now be found in every second newspaper! Therefore you only have to enter the following into the search engine: "buy drugs" and then add the name of the city you search for. If the results are not sufficient, one can search for "drug scene" or "drug transshipment centre" instead of the term "buy drugs". In every major city in the world, the classic meeting places can be found in this way, as at least the local newspapers report on them regularly. Often this is the main station and the party mile.

But don’t forget that this is by far the least safe way to buy LSD! One enters a criminal milieu that is often observed by civilian police. Also one cannot be sure concerning the quality to be found there.

LSD Price

The LSD price differs primarily according to the amount of active ingredient of lysergic acid diethylamide applied to the LSD boards. This usually varies between 100 and 180 micrograms. Normal is 100 to 120 micrograms of the acid drug. The LSD price of such a "ticket" is on average 10 Euro per piece.

However, anyone who prefers to buy drugs online and dares to order drugs in Darknet pays a much lower price. Normal are in there LSD prices of 5 euros per "cardboard". If you buy higher quantities of Acid, you get cheaper prices for only 2 or 3 Euro per Acid-Trip! Since these are dosed higher than on the black market at the dealer, the actual price drops again. The reason why the LSD prices in Darknet are so low is obvious: There is no need for smuggling intermediaries anymore, which would mean an increased price premium. In this way, the product is often delivered directly from the producer to the end consumer at a favourable price.

The effect of LSD

Before you buy LSD, you should look at its effects. This gives you an idea of what to expect and you act responsibly. Basically the LSD effect manifests itself in a changed perception of the environment as well as an expansion of consciousness. The effect is very similar to Magic Mushrooms, but lasts longer than psilocybin mushrooms and is more intense than LSA. The best known LSD effect from various films and series are optical hallucinations. However, most such representations are entirely exaggerated and if so, then can only be experienced on an extremely high dosage. This happens, for example, when you buy LSD without knowing how much microgram it contains.

lsd effect simpsons

General LSD effects on the psyche and mind can be described as follows, but always depend on the dosage as well as the set and setting (more below):

  • Hallucinations and changed world perception in all 5 senses (mainly optical, but also acoustic etc.; below with details)
  • Generally a much more intense experience of all impressions and thoughts ("Wow, is this tree beautiful!" or ")
  • Slowed perception of time (a few minutes old event is perceived as hours ago; 10 minutes feel like many hours ago)
  • Expansion of consciousness and changed thinking -> deep knowledge about others and oneself, attachment to God, philosophical thinking about seemingly irrelevant processes
  • Entheogenic effect -> feeling of the all-unity ("Everything is one and connected")
  • Increased creativity and lively imagination
  • Synaesthesia (mixing of actually separate areas of perception of the sensory organs)
    -> colours are tasted, sounds are seen and felt, temperatures are heard, etc.
  • Psychedelic effect -> an effect that opens the soul, through which long repressed memories can come up (Acid is also attributed psychotherapeutic potential not least for this reason)
  • I-resolution at very high doses -> highly spiritual experience, consumer loses his ego ("egotod") and can no longer grasp the concept of an "I", abolition of subject-object separation
  • Satisfaction and well-being to euphoria and laughter attacks
  • But even with a bad set and setting, anxiety, paranoid panic up to a horror trip (so: only buy and take LSD if you are psychologically stable!)

Below we will describe concrete experiences and impressions of the effect on our six sensory organs. Anyone who buys good LSD will notice these symptoms:

Eyes: Optically altered perception is the most conspicuous and often the most desired effect of that drug. Colours are perceived more intensely – they shine like a real light. Objects or things seem to morph – they change shape, walls seem to breathe or the floor seems to bubble. Objects change their size and are spatially located elsewhere. Patterns and play of colours with eyes closed, but partly also perceived in the room. At higher doses, such hallucinations can no longer be distinguished from reality – strange creatures appear, mythical figures fly by and sit down, objects no longer morph but run around etc. Most people buy LSD because of these nice effects!

Ears: Also the acoustic perception is changed, mostly intensified – but sometimes accompanied by hallucinations. Songs are perceived as extraordinarily harmonious or, on the contrary, as cacophonous. Improved hearing – even the smallest noises can be heard clearly all at once. On high doses also acoustic hallucinations possible – objects start to talk, strange beings communicate, external voices in the head.

Nose: Odours are perceived more intensively. Sometimes they even seem to taste down on the tongue. Hallucinations can also occur here. For example, when the PC begins to envelop the entire room with its mechanical stench. Or when striking smells like perfume or excrement no longer want to disappear, even though you have long been in a different environment.

Mouth: The LSD effect is unmistakably reflected in eating and drinking. Like an explosion of taste, food and drinks seem to spread down to the smallest part of the soul. This effect is also known as cannabis. Generally speaking, the sense of taste is significantly intensified. In high doses, hallucinations are also possible here, for example when thinking of metal, a metallic taste in the mouth and the perception of tastes of a positive or negative nature that have never been known before.

Touch: The sensory perception via the touch is also strongly intensified. This often results in an increased sensation of cold or heat. Consumers then freeze although the sun shines in midsummer or sweat and undress although surrounded by snow. The surfaces of objects, for example, are also perceived as particularly soft or supple. The immersion of the body in water in particular is described as a memorable experience.

But the most important thing is: Don’t buy LSD blind! Before you consume, deal with this drug. Because buying is one thing – being intoxicated is quite another.

The right dosage

Below you will find a table of the LSD dosage and the information about which dose causes which effect. Although these values refer to a person weighing 75 kilograms, they can be roughly generalized. However, these data can also be converted to other body weights using the rule of three:

  • 25 to 50 micrograms of LSD: the lowest dose necessary to achieve a noticeable effect.
  • 50 to 100 micrograms LSD: Usual party dosage with light to medium effect.
  • 100 to 300 micrograms LSD: 100 to 180µg are the standard dosage on the black market. Strong effect noticeable, beginners should not exceed 180µg. The inventor Albert Hofmann took a dose of 250µg at his first intentional intoxication and experienced a horror trip as he himself says.
  • 300 to 500 micrograms of LSD: From here the dosage begins to open worlds that should not be entered by inexperienced psychonauts. Heavy hallucinations and long trip duration guaranteed.
  • 500 to 1,000 micrograms of LSD: Such high doses can be a heavy burden on the mind and are mainly used in psycholysis (psychotherapy using psychedelic substances). I resolution is virtually guaranteed.

For the beginning one buys therefore only a small quantity and/or consumes first of all only half a consumption unit!

Effect duration of LSD

The duration of the effect is between 6 and 12 hours for a medium dose (24 hours for a high dose), with the highest intensity being achieved about 1 to 2 hours after ingestion, lasting a few hours and gradually decreasing in the last few hours. LSD intoxication begins 20 to 60 minutes after ingestion and initially manifests itself as a tingling or queasy sensation.

lsd during trip time durange of the effect

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Oval@3x 2 Probably the most important thing first: Here you can buy the best legal LSD! It works just as strongly as the original because it is metabolized into real LSD in the body.

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