Buy Magic Mushrooms (Hallucinogenic Truffles) – Price Comparison of the Best Varieties

In a nutshell: Yes it really works, here at you can buy magic mushrooms from the European market leader without any problems and order them discreetly home by buying them online!

buy magic mushroomsIn this article you will find out exactly how to order magic mushrooms discreetly and safely online in almost every country of the world (for example United Kingdom, England, …). Detailed information on dosage, effects, experience reports and much more on the various types of hallucinogenic mushrooms and magic truffles are also provided.

Note: This article is a translation by non-native speakers. We therefore apologize for any linguistic errors. The content, however, is independently of this correct and elaborately researched. The text offers great added value and should answer all open questions. We have been working on it for a long time!

Buy Magic Mushrooms – Price Comparison

The best place to buy magic mushrooms is at the linked SOMAGARDEN & AVALON MAGIC-MUSHROOM-SHOP. This Smartshop, located in Holland, is considered the leading authority in this field throughout Europe. For over a decade, it has offered consistently excellent quality at low prices and fast shipping. There you can buy serious and discreet magic truffles as well as order mushroom cultures to grow yourself online (huge harvests are possible after 4-6 weeks).

Which magic mushroom varieties are suitable for beginners and professionals, which is the strongest variety of all and where the price-performance ratio is best, is described in the following price comparison table:

Image Magic Mushrooms Description
Price Buying
Vorschaubild atlantis zaubertrüffel kaufen 15g Atlantis Atlantis is the perfect beginner variety! These magic truffles have a moderate effect and are easy to control. The trip is easy to control and is not unpleasant in the exit when the effect wears off. Bad experiences are almost impossible with this. 13,50 € Buy here
Vorschaubild hawaii magische trüffel kaufen 22g High Hawaiians These magic mushrooms belong to the most violent at all. They have a very high psilocybin content and are therefore regarded as the most effective magic truffle variety in the world! Perfect for experienced psychonauts. 21,70 € Buy here
Vorschaubild psilocybin trüffel dragons kaufen 15g Dragons Dynamite Magic mushrooms of the Dragon Dynamite variety are medium effective truffles. Their duration of action is approximately 6 hours. A good mixture of the first two varieties. Also suitable for beginners. 14,50 € Buy here
buy magic mushrooms double vision 25g Double Vision Only suitable for experienced consumers, as it is highly dosed! Double Vision consists of the 2 strong truffle varieties Hollandia and Utopia. This mix is inexpensive and looks very strong. Very popular with consumers! 19,00 € Buy here
buy magic mushroom truffles 100 – 1000g Magic mushrooms If you want to benefit from massive price discounts, you can save enormously with this offer. Depending on the chosen quantity of magic truffles, you can save up to 50 percent! Perfect for frequent consumers or for storage. 70,00 € Buy here
vorschaubild allgemein für mushroom growkit pilz growbox Magic Mushroom Growkit Instead of having to buy edible magic mushrooms, you can easily grow them yourself in 4 weeks! Many varieties to choose from. Huge harvests possible, depending on size. Best price-performance ratio! Price diverges Buy here
Vorschaubild shayanensis magic mushrooms bestellen 15g Utopia This variety is one of the strongest magic truffles ever! It takes a particularly long time to harvest and therefore has an extremely high active ingredient content. For a long time they were only available in the local shop. Now you can finally order them! 17,50 € Buy here
Vorschaubild majestic magic mushrooms kaufen 15g Hollandia Magic mushrooms of the type "Hollandia" compete with the Hawaiians for the place of the strongest magic truffle. According to the manufacturer, they are even the strongest magic truffle variety in the world! She was bred especially for it and is completely new on the market. They taste better than ordinary magic mushrooms. 17,50 € Buy here
Vorschaubild magische trüffel kaufen 15g Mexicana Mexican magic truffles belong to the middle class of hallucinogenic fungi. They form sclerotia, which is occasionally called the Philosopher’s Stone. Not to be confused with Mexican Magic-Mushrooms (Stropharia cubensis). 13,50 € Buy here
Vorschaubild dutchdragons magic truffles kaufen 15g Tampanensis Magic truffles of the type Tampanensis are probably the rarest hallucinogenic truffle type at all. So far only one copy has been found in Floria 1977. All today’s tampanensis are descended from this one find! Has a medium-strong effect. 13,50 € Buy here
Vorschaubild mushrocks halluzinogene trüffel kaufen 15g Galindoi Galindoi are an independent truffle species. They can even be found in Georgia! Their effect is moderately pronounced. 15,50 € Buy here
Vorschaubild pajateros psilocybin pilze kaufen 15g Pajaritos Pajaritos are regarded as a rather euphoric truffle variety. Particularly inexperienced beginners will have their true joy with these magic mushrooms. 13,50 € Buy here
Vorschaubild bad trip stopper kaufen Bad Trip Stopper Should everyone have home: With these pills you can eliminate a "bad trip". Just knowing that you have it with you in an emergency is usually enough to prevent a "bad trip" from taking place in the first place. 3,49 € Buy here
Vorschaubild digitalwaage zur dosierung Digital scale A precision balance is indispensable for safe consumption! This one is very cheap and weighs exactly 0.1g. As a substance lover, you need it always and all the time anyway! 14,70 € Buy here
Other popular substances:
buy cannabis online as minipic 3g cannabis "Legal high: Synthetic cannabinoids cause a very strong cannabis effect. But be careful, it’s even stronger than the original! 28,90 € Buy here
Vorschaubild 1p-lsd kaufen als Legal Highs 2x LSD "Legal High": Thanks to a slightly modified structural formula you get legal LSD! The effect is exactly like the original – comparable with extremely high doses of magic mushrooms. The customers are thrilled! 21,90 € Buy here
Vorschaubild 4-fa 4fmp kaufen als Legal Highs 4 Ecstasy Pills (MDMA) "Legal high. They act like MDMA, the active ingredient in ecstasy pills. Perfect for partying. 29,90 € Buy here
Vorschaubild ethylphenidat kaufen als Legal Highs 1g Amphetamine (Speed) "Legal High": Makes you as awake, concentrated and euphoric as the original. 28,90 € Buy here
(Prices: may vary slightly depending on demand and inventory)

In addition: For the exact dosage of the bought magic mushrooms a balance is indispensable, one does not want to experience bad surprises. These you get in the shop already for only 8.50 EUR and should be bought immediately with the order.

buy magic mushrooms freshThe exact dosage and effect as well as duration of the trip of the respective mushroom species can be found on the linked product page or at the bottom of the article. In principle, the active ingredient psilocybin is the same for all hallucinogenic fungi (whether magic truffles or classic magic mushrooms), so that the magic mushroom effect depends primarily on the amount consumed. Psilocybin remains psilocybin (or rather psilocin, a biochemical insider joke).

The price usually refers to fresh magic mushrooms and rarely to already dried hallucinogenic mushrooms. So don’t be surprised because of the seemingly big differences – it’s always there (1g dry equals 10g fresh magic mushrooms). The information on all magic truffles, for example, is always given in fresh grams. Addendum: Meanwhile you can only buy magic truffles! All other hallucinogenic fungi (such as the popular Cubans alias Stropharia Cubensis, for example) have been banned even in the otherwise so liberal Netherlands. Magic truffles can only be legally bought there because they exploit a loophole in the law. That’s why they always have to be sold fresh. But this is not a problem because the active ingredient in all these hallucinogenic magic mushrooms is the same (psilocybin). Therefore there are no noticeable differences in the effect between the varieties!

buy LSD onlineIn addition, the price drops rapidly if larger quantities are ordered online with foresight. On the black market you can almost never buy magic mushrooms (you’ll know that and that’s why you ended up here). In addition, they cost at least 10, rather 15 euros a gram and one cannot even be sure which variety it is and whether they are mixed with diluents or have good quality. Here you get only the best of the best!

Very important: For a proper effect of the purchased magic mushrooms, the stomach must be empty, so at least 4 to 6 hours before consumption nothing to eat – better 6 hours or more! Many beginners forget this and then wonder. So think about it!

Storage: The fresh magic truffles can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 4 weeks. If you want to consume them later, simply let them dry in the dark. They can then be stored for decades in a plastic can in the freezer without losing any of their effect or quality. Never store fresh in the freezer! Dried magic truffles, however, become rock-hard. They should therefore be consumed immediately after purchase. Once they have dried, they must be ground by hand mill or blender before consumption.

buy cannabis onlineTip when ordering: The Magic-Mushroom-Shop mentioned here is really an absolutely trustworthy internet-giant stone, already for over 10 years in the business and offers even the magic mushrooms buying via cash on delivery or Bitcoin. It is not for nothing that they are European market leaders with consistently positive ratings and experiences (compare user opinions on the site or on the Internet). Therefore we would like to mention here the insider tip that sometimes even on request there are free hemp seeds or other sample packs with an order free of charge!

Find out about magic mushrooms before you buy!

Your concern is surely also to learn more about magic mushrooms (or magic truffles) and to buy them safely without any problems. As a newcomer you will certainly know that you have to inform yourself thoroughly before buying any product. And in our case, it is even particularly important to provide yourself with background information independently. For example, by visiting several websites on the subject.

However, we have relieved you of this tedious work and put together everything worth knowing about "buying magic mushrooms", including a large price comparison, on this single page from our own years of experience – it is the largest and most comprehensive collection on the subject on the Internet!

Detailed information about effect, dosage, consumption, worth knowing, tips and a detailed field report of hallucinogenic mushrooms can be found further down in the article. We will collect several experiences to read many different consumers and readers of this blog as trip reports for you. Below in the comment area you can share your own experiences or ask anonymous questions.

And here a really good video about hallucinogetic mushrooms:

Is it legal to buy magic mushrooms and order them online?

First of all: No, of course you can’t legally buy magic mushrooms – we don’t need to be under any illusions. Even if other websites lie to you here for the purpose of selling: Outside the Netherlands, magic truffles are unfortunately an illegal drug. Is it still really possible to order magic mushrooms and have them delivered to your home in spite of the ban?

YES! The above online shop delivers the magic mushrooms directly to the front door by standard parcel services. There’s no real reason to worry about getting caught, either: When a mushroom order reaches you like 99.99% of all consumers, it has already passed all the obstacles and nothing more can happen except a pleasant tripping experience.

Experience shows very clearly: virtually every order of magic mushrooms bought online arrives at the customer – just look at the comments of the products yourself and you won’t find any negative feedback!

The reason for this is quite simple: the European Union has abolished virtually all customs controls within the Member States for the purpose of the free exchange of goods. This means that you can send everything by post across Europe without great danger! Moreover, magic mushrooms are so rare that the police do not specifically search for them. Therefore, magic truffles cannot be detected by drug dogs because they have not been trained to do so.

Order magic mushrooms cash on delivery?

For some consumers, the question arises again and again whether they can also order magic mushrooms cash on delivery? But of course it happens sometimes, it only depends on the country! Before there are any difficulties, you should write an e-mail to the technical support and ask if cash on delivery is possible. So your request will be dealt with separately and quickly. Especially for security reasons, some buy their magic mushrooms by cash on delivery. But it is not necessary at all, most of them simply transfer the money to the Dutch account and receive their magic truffle order a few days later.

Addendum: Since meanwhile only fresh magic truffles are offered for sale, you can unfortunately no longer order cash on delivery. If the buyer did not accept the order, the sender would receive a rotten pack of mushrooms and thus make a loss.

Best magic truffle online shop to buy?

The best online shop to buy magic truffles is clearly the one mentioned at the beginning! If you still have some doubts, you should read the positive reports on their homepage. Who still has distrust, can also search for other sources on the Internet and will find confirmed that this online shop is reliable (for example at Trustpilot).

Also according to our own personal experience, he is really serious, trustworthy and has been shipping at lightning speed for over 10 years now. Here you can buy magic mushrooms without hesitation! Due to the high demand, it used to be the case that – if you wanted to order fresh magic mushrooms or magic truffles and buy them online – you had to hurry (a characteristic of their high quality)! Because this online shop is so popular that in former times some kinds of magic mushrooms were sold out regularly and sometimes had problems to keep up with the production. Today, however, it can generally satisfy the high demand immediately without jeopardizing stock levels.

!!! Be sure: We would never recommend an insecure, unknown magic mushroom shop here! Only what we successfully tested ourselves will be recommended !!!

Buying Magic Truffles in the Online Shop: Precautions for Paranoids

Only if an online order of hallucinogenic magic truffles (formerly known as scented cushions or mushroom chocolate) does not arrive even after a few weeks and the online shop replies that they have long since sent you the magic truffles already paid for after the purchase, then it could perhaps be that customs or the police intercepted the order and contacted you accordingly (subpoena or home visit). In the vast majority of cases, however, the package was simply lost.

However, in this case you will have plenty of time to prepare, as the order usually arrives within a few days after payment. If this is not the case for once (experience shows that at most one out of 1000 orders of psychedelic mushrooms doesn’t arrive and then mostly only because they got lost and not because customs intercepted them), just clean up the stall and wait and see tea drinking.

magic-mushrooms sellingAs a rule, a parcel always arrives within a few days, maximum one month, only after this time can the customer service of the online shop follow up with the supplier if nothing arrives until then. It would be best for a paranoid to have a drug-free friend or clean household who agrees to have the order of psilocybin-containing magic mushrooms delivered to his home. This friend could also take over the payment. However, you can now also pay for the purchase with Bitcoins, so that you would already be sufficiently anonymous here.

A further tip would be to use only the initials when signing the package acceptance, i.e. sign as "Andre Gusse" with A.G.. So you can say that anyone could have accepted. It can also be useful to convert your first name into feminine. For example, the magic truffles bought online would arrive at a "Stefanie Mullier" instead of a "Stefan Mullier". Or simply use another first name. As long as the surname and the address are correct, the first name is irrelevant for delivery.

You can also make buying magic mushrooms a little safer by having your order delivered from the online shop to a Packstation where, for example, a friend is registered as the actual owner. Or you ask a good neighbour if he could accept a package next week, because you probably can’t be home because of work, holidays or something similar. Be creative!

Basically, there is no need to be afraid that the drugs will be intercepted by customs. Thousands of customers buy magic truffles this way and it has proven to be an extremely safe method over many years!

Buy magic mushrooms in the cultivation kit and grow them yourself

A very simple, even child’s play method to grow magic mushrooms instead of buying them yourself is to use so-called cultivation kits (also called "Growkit" or "Growbox"). But it takes about 3 to 4 weeks until the first harvest, so be patient! With such a culture kit, the manufacturer has already anticipated all the difficult steps in growing magic mushrooms: Now all you have to do is add water, put the plastic bag over the box and magic mushroom growkitWithin 2 to 3 weeks, the first small mushrooms are visible, which are then harvested within a few days with extremely rapid growth. After the magic mushroom harvest the culture kit can be used again several times! Approximately 3 to 5 harvests are possible with a single Spell Mushroom Cultivation Kit. After that the nutrient content is empty and the mushrooms have no more food. You can just dispose of it then.

Depending on the size purchased, the total yield is approximately 200 to 1000 grams of moist mushrooms, which divided by 10 results in a dry quantity of 20 to 100 grams. And for very little money! If you buy a big growkit, you can even harvest by the kilo! Depending on your needs.

Another big advantage is that only in this way you get other magic mushrooms like Stropharia Cubensis (the classic par excellence). Buying is no longer possible since the ban, but as a breeding kit.

magic mushrooms grow box kit 150x150 1 In a nutshell: Yes it really works, here at you can buy magic mushrooms from the European market leader without any problems and order them discreetly home by buying them online!On the black market or on the street (or recently also in Darknet) you pay for 1 gram of magic mushrooms at least 10 euros. This means that a single culture kit delivers hallucinogenic mushrooms worth several hundred euros as a harvest! So it’s worth it and saves a lot of money. Alternatively, you could do the mushroom cultivation yourself from the beginning without a kit. However, this would require spore injections or at least a spore imprint of psychoactive fungi. However, this is much more complicated and associated with many failures.

How to cultivate Magic mushrooms with a Grow-Kit

An exact instruction for the magic mushroom cultivation by means of culture activation kit is always provided, but is essentially limited to the following steps:

  1. Disinfect the fork with pure alcohol, dry it with clean cotton pads and pierce holes in the substrate of the box (you don’t have to do this, but it’s probably better – if it increases the risk of contamination).Open a gap in the plastic box and let it run full with tap water, then close it again.
  1. Leave the whole thing in the dark for 24 hours like this
  2. Then open a gap again and let the excess water run out.
  3. Wash hands well and long up to elbow, cover hair best with cap or bathing cap.
  4. Now open the plastic bag provided and immediately put the plastic box without lid into it, after which 2 cups of water were put into the bag. Then turn the bag several times and finally fix it with the paper clips so that everything is airtight.
  5. Now place the whole thing away from heat sources and direct sunlight.
  6. After 3 to 4 weeks you can harvest as soon as the hats of the mushrooms have opened too completely. To do this, turn out all the magic mushrooms (even the smallest ones) from below, touching them.
  7. Drying takes place in the dark with air supply, daily turning of the mushrooms on kitchen paper (storage takes place in the deep-freeze compartment as soon as completely dry)
  8. Do not throw away plastic lids, because for repeated harvesting, the steps mentioned in point 1 must simply be repeated.

Here the pictures to this manual, then one understands it even better:

Effect, dosage, consumption & duration of action of magic mushrooms (magic truffles)

The effect of magic mushrooms is always experienced differently, sometimes even from consumption to consumption. All in all, there is an immense change in perception. Optical hallucinations do not take place in normal doses as a layman might think: the world does not become a colourful patchwork carpet and everything distorts while one suffers a total loss of reality. That’s more the case with extremely high doses.

"Normal" doses of magic mushrooms intensify the colour perception and express themselves rather in hallucinations interpreted into them – e.g. if you look into the clouds, they suddenly result in animal forms or faces (whereby also here from a high dose of 8g dry mushrooms one approaches strong LSD experiences). A good beginner’s dose for this is 1g dried mushrooms per person. The effect can generally be compared with the LSD effect, where LSD is much higher dosed. A high amount of psilocybin causes almost identical effects, similar to the Legal High Research Chemical called 1P-LSD, and produces severe hallucinations. For example, fictitious beings such as deities or mythical creatures appear, objects move, trees breathe, the ground bubbles like lava, etc.

In general, the effect of magic mushrooms or magic truffles can be described as follows:

  • All in all strongly dependent on "SET" and "SETTING" (how you feel at the moment and in which environment you are – if you are not in a good mood and find a stressful or uncomfortable environment, you should better postpone the sensory journey)
  • Changed perception of all 5 senses (more intensive, distorted, selective, …)
  • Optical hallucinations: Clouds seem to be clearly recognizable animals; trees seem to breathe; colours are more splendid; geometric patterns appear; objects change their form ("morphing"); inexistent beings emerge; etc.. is even more pronounced with LSD
  • Acoustic hallucinations: strange voices speak to you; mythical creatures begin to talk (more likely to experience mescaline and DMT or ayahuasca); no real sounds are heard -> but generally acoustic hallucinations occur rather rarely in magic mushrooms
  • Enormous expansion of consciousness: sudden knowledge about oneself, other people or "God and the world"; general philosophizing; comprehension of deep spiritual truths.
  • A short moment is perceived as an eternal event; the entire mushroom trip appears as half an eternity.
  • Well-being and euphoric states are often experienced (probably an important reason why so many people buy magic mushrooms and love them).
  • Loud, difficult to control laughter as well as
  • Change of the self-esteem in mostly positive direction
  • Entheogen: to recognize from the unity of all things -> everything is connected with everything and is in relation to each other
  • feeling of divinity in/of all being; in harmony with everything; sometimes strong connection to God
  • Nature is perceived as particularly beautiful; enjoy seemingly banal things
  • Existing basic feeling and mood from before the trip is usually reinforced
  • Creativity boost and imaginative thoughts -> magic mushrooms therefore buy and consume artists (painters, musicians, poets, …) with pleasure.
  • Opening of the soul (psychedelic effect) -> Insights just as possible as the emergence of things that have long been repressed
  • Only with high Magic Mushrooms dosage: Ego-dissolution, ego-death (the magic mushroom consumer loses all reference to the "I"; the concept of an ego no longer makes sense and falls away; a very spiritual experience which also instills fear in some)

Depending on the quantity of magic mushrooms purchased or consumed and the constitution of the consumer, the duration of action of a mushroom trip is usually between 5 and 8 hours. The maximum effect is usually achieved after 2 to 3 hours, lasts and slowly ebbs after a further 2.3 hours. So you should be able to take the whole day off after consumption, better ignore your mobile phone and bell or switch it off if possible. Be careful not to take a new dose too quickly (i.e. take another dose again)! It is better to wait and see if there is still not enough effect after 2 hours.

magic mushrooms effect duration

Depending on the person, the fungus works after at least 20 minutes up to one and a half hours, which the active ingredient needs in order to consciously perceive it. Psychologically, euphoria, well-being and intensive perception as well as evaluation of the events are possible depending on the current condition and type of person, but also negative experiences; often a feeling of "everything is one" occurs, which is called entheogen. If you like a good trip that is intense but short you should try Salvia divinorum! This is a 5-minute trip into the psychedelic world of magic mushrooms, where you can feel your first psychedelic experiences without being intoxicated for hours.


According to the table below, the average person can estimate and adjust the desired trip effect of the magic mushrooms purchased online as a dosage. However, as with all substances, the rule naturally applies: the larger and heavier a person is, the more he needs more than the average for the same effect, whereby mushrooms can always be dosed well for the first entry and generally afterwards (basis: Stropharia Cubensis):

Quantity in grams (dried) Effect or noise intensity Quantity of the active substance psilocybin in milligrams
0,2g Noticeable 2 mg
0,25 – 1g Light 2 – 4mg
1 – 2g remedy 4 – 8mg
2 – 4g Strong 8 – 20mg
5g Very strong > 20mg

On average, a dried Magic Mushroom of the variety "Psilocybe cubensis" (Mexican Mushrooms) weighs between 0.3 and 1 gram. Nevertheless, a precision balance is required for the indispensable precise dosing. If this is not available in the household, you can buy it conveniently when ordering the magic mushrooms in the Magic Mushroom Shop (for only 8.50 EUR).

Depending on the variety, the dosage naturally varies. Exact details are enclosed with the package or can be found on the product page. Especially magic truffles are delivered fresh. Their dosage can be found on the product page. The dosage of magic truffles can generally be determined as follows:

  • 5 to 10 grams fresh magic truffles = light effect (good for newbies)
  • 10 to 15 grams fresh magic truffles = medium strong effect
  • Over 15 grams of fresh magic truffles = strong effect

How to consume hallucinogenic magic mushrooms?

buy cannabis onlineIt is best to weigh 0.5-1 gram of dry magic mushrooms for the beginning. But if you want to be on the safe side and slowly feel your way, you should not take more than 0.2 grams and better not buy larger quantities or order online.

Then you should crush them with a pair of scissors for example and finally eat them on an empty stomach (very important for an optimal effect of the active ingredient psilocybin!). Chew well in mouth, keep nose closed in case of unpleasant taste, swallow and rinse quietly with water or juice.

Others mix you also because of the bad taste for them with a yogurt or apple sauce. However, the stomach should always be empty for maximum effect, so that the self-bred or ordered magic mushrooms should best be consumed after the purchase for consumption all alone without additional food (at least 6 hours nothing more food before!).

The taste of Magic Mushrooms can best be described as fiercely mushy. In the mouth it feels like a normal mushroom, with a slightly bitter and in each case unique taste.

Smoking magic mushrooms is possible, but waste – only a tiny amount of the active ingredient of psychoactive mushrooms is released during smoking. If so, then it’s more likely that the bong will produce larger quantities instead of a joint. But actually nobody needs to buy magic mushrooms if he only wants to smoke them. The effects are minimal, many feel nothing at all. So it would be an absolute waste and is not recommended. Fly agarics, on the other hand, can be smoked.

Ego-resolution (ego-death) by means of magic mushrooms

A dissolution of the ego (ego-death) can also be experienced: I personally had them after 6g dry mushrooms (please do not imitate them, especially not as a beginner) and no longer knew who I am, that I was simply not graspable but had become one with the world, merged. I was constantly trying to find myself through friends and acquaintances, so I tried to find my self through it: but it didn’t work. A very deep experience of transcendent nature! Such high quantities of purchased magic mushrooms should only be consumed by experienced psychonauts, otherwise a horror trip threatens! People with a lot of experience should have the confidence to do this at some point and develop their minds with it. It’s a great spiritual tool!

As this would be an expensive trip, we recommend to grow them yourself with a growkit instead of buying magic mushrooms. See above for more information.

magic mushroom trip

When should you not buy and eat magic mushrooms?

Whenever you feel uncomfortable, you’d better let it go. Psychologically ill people are not advised to do that anyway. But from my own experience I can say that such trips can also break down barriers and boundaries, because you are travelling in quite high thinking dimensions and are possibly able to recognize your own problems and their causes in the first place. Normally, however, you should only buy and consume magic mushrooms if you feel mentally good and are of course of legal age!

It is also important that you have a good "Set & Setting", i.e. that you want to approach the trip with good thoughts without having to worry about your soul, so a certain cheerful looseness is important, mental light-heartedness. Also the set: this means that the environment is important. So the people who accompany you and the location. If you want to buy magic mushrooms for the first time and then consume magic truffles for the first time, you should never do this at a party, but with your best friend at a storm-free booth or in the undisturbed garden. It’s best to go out into nature anyway, that’s where you have the best experiences! Let an old veteran with a lot of experience tell you that!

What to do on a horror trip?

The name "Horrortrip" sounds worse than it is in the end: because the mushroom trip is experienced as negative; badly felt thoughts torture one, one sees oneself partly exposed to acute danger. But in a few hours all this is over (one overestimates the situation like a panic attack). In such a case benzodiazepines (Valium, Diazepam,… look in your grandmother’s closet) can be administered, which have a very calming effect or also charcoal tablets for cleaning from the pharmacy.

Also helpful on a horror trip: eat and drink a lot right away! This helps the body process the active ingredient faster and ends the trip more quickly. In addition, someone else should always be there to take care of you, to talk to you well and to point out that in a few hours everything is normal again and that the horror trip is an instructive experience – you don’t die… Some advise calling a doctor, but that often has more unpleasant consequences than the trip itself (parents, police, drug test, driver’s license authority maybe etc.). Ultimately, however, everyone decides on their own responsibility.

Field report (trip report, testimonial)

buy magic mushroomsBefore we finish this article with a summary about buying magic mushrooms, we’d like to give you an account of our experience. This trip report is really worth reading and gives a nice impression into the world of magic truffles. It shows what psilocybin does in the mind of a human being.

Here we go:

How a trip like this starts is difficult to describe in a field report afterwards. The dry magic mushrooms taste really disgusting. You should therefore consume them right after you have bought them! The bad taste with dry Magic Mushrooms remains and becomes stronger at first. Also slight nausea always sets in with me. Always about 20, 30 minutes after ingestion, the bad taste goes away all at once. Mind and senses are clear, excited and tense. The body, on the other hand, becomes supple, as if I had swapped the body of everyday life dominated by the mind for the animal body of a primeval man. Today I know that this condition is called "deep relaxation". There’s a weird pull on all the muscles. Most similar to a powerful, medical full body massage.

When I took the psychedelic mushrooms to experience a great magic mushroom experience, my brother was still there. He is still a convinced pothead, could never make friends with the mushrooms and never liked to look at it when I set off for dreamland. I tended to panic nervously and then get on the nerves of the watchdogs with my fears. So much so that I could really pull people down. So when the effect started, I wanted to talk about my worries again. I had mainly social anxieties, feared "getting stuck" and not getting my life settled anymore.

And my little brother did the only right thing: he meant only something of his own fault, he doesn’t have to eat the stuff. And left, somewhere relaxed pulling heads. I stayed alone with Dizzy Gillespie and his crazy Be-Boppers in my cheap compact unit.

I experienced the following like a dream, but with open eyes and absolutely awake. A little like sliding into sleep in front of the television after a long working day. But much more consciously. At the same time I could perceive my room without any optical hallucination, while the visions were running in my mind. I had to consciously focus one or the other world with the help of my concentration. It’s like finding an adjustment wheel for distance/aperture/depth of field in your brain and starting to play with it – but wait, it goes even further, because no Magic Mushroom experience ends "just for a moment", it takes many hours (3 – 8) until the effect of Psilocybin decreases (this should always be considered before consumption!).

What kept me together was the fear of losing control. Once there was no one left to cling to. Nobody who could listen to my whining. And my fear became boring, all alone with me. She went her own way. My thoughts became calm, my body relaxed. I could remain in a lotus position without it bending my knees. My fear was a wild patchwork rug, a swarm of mosquitoes. Suddenly it became a silken veil. Quite calmly and reasonably it spoke: You have eaten self-collected mushrooms (I did not have to buy magic mushrooms or order magic truffles on-line at that time yet, since it gave them here before the entry door free of charge to collect). So you could have caught a fake one and die now, I thought.

At this moment the tunnel opened (hallucination as the most intense part of the magic mushroom experience). I walked through the dark corridor, built of bones and skulls, and their material was shadow. The tunnel went down, I fell, no I floated, gliding gently down into the sky. There was silence, brightness, serenity. I was sitting on a bullet. My breath was the bullet I was sitting on. My breath was the warm breath that moved everything in heaven and at the same time kept it in motion and in perfect balance. I was there alone. I was – happy is not true, no: satisfied, calm, peaceful.

My breath flowed in a continuously strong stream. I breathed through my nose with my mouth closed. But it felt like my mouth was open, no, more like I didn’t have any lips at all anymore.

After about three, maybe four hours the worst is over. Or I’ll get used to the effect and start kissing my ass out of boredom. Tobacco grass blends through the bong. At first, the kif doesn’t work, so it doesn’t cover the mushroom rush. But it fits and tastes phenomenal. At some point, a head comes that you feel. Tobacco tingles in the back of the head, hemp warms from the legs upwards, brings body and mind back to earth. Sometime in the evening in bed the last of the bought magic mushrooms evaporated and I could sleep well.

magic mushroom effectEnd of the Magic-Mushroom experience report. You are also welcome to share your experiences with us below. Just write a comment about it. The trip report will then appear here completely anonymous!

Buy Magic Mushrooms – Summary

At the end we want to summarize once again all important to the magic mushrooms buying briefly:

  • Yes, buying magic truffles actually works and also arrives abroad (reason: in the Netherlands magic mushrooms are legal to buy and online shops there send them worldwide by unobtrusive mail)
  • Yes, the magic mushrooms ordered online reach even countries where magic truffles are actually forbidden by post without any problems (reason: 1. Within the EU member states there is duty-free movement of goods without any great control). 2. also, magic mushrooms cannot be perceived olfactorily by the police customs dogs. Since their training includes only standard narcotics and no mushrooms, they don’t suggest them either.)
  • The best variety for beginners are definitely magic truffles, because they are cheap to buy and yet strong enough depending on the dosage.
  • The classic variety are hallucinogenic mushrooms of the Stropharia Cubensis type, the Mexican mushrooms. But you have to breed them yourself in the culture kit, because in Holland you can only buy magic truffles legally.
  • If you consume more often, you may be well advised to buy a magic mushroom culture kit (Growkits). This makes it very easy to grow and harvest hundreds of grams of psilocybin mushrooms yourself without much effort (just add a little water).
  • The best online shop to order magic mushrooms is the Smartshop mentioned above. This is not only considered to be Europe’s number one market leader, you can also order there with maximum security at the cheapest prices and a hugely rich offer of various magic mushroom varieties and products.
  • Even if the purchase of the magic mushrooms is to be considered anyway in principle as quite safe, then one can go even on nearly 100% security: In addition one asks a buddy whether one can order the magic truffles to the same to his address to his home. Moreover, the same friend also transfers the amount from his current account at best, or you send the cash by post to the online shop or pay anonymously by Bitcoin. After all, one would be extremely well advised to keep the possession of this drug secret and not to gossip about in a boastful manner.
  • As a newcomer you always feel your way around with a very low dose in order to get a first impression of the effect. That means 0.5 to 1 gram for beginners.
  • The effect is first and foremost reflected in a change in sensory perception, which primarily involves optical hallucinations. Depending on the dosage, these are either gentle or strong. Moreover, magic truffles are strongly psychedelic, opening the soul. Those who are not in harmony with themselves or carry oppressive things around with them or consume in the wrong place with the wrong people will not have a nice experience accordingly. This advice should be accepted by everyone and is not a typically superfluous exhortation driven by the moral index finger! Our own experience shows how important the above is in order to create the most wonderful trip possible.
  • The duration of action is 5 to 8 hours and reaches its maximum after about 3 hours.
  • In order for buying magic mushrooms not to turn out to be a pointless investment, it is absolutely necessary to have an absolutely empty stomach before consumption! This means that at least 4, but better 6 or even more hours before the time of consumption, no solid food should be consumed. Anyone who disregards this basic rule will either feel no effect at all or only a weakly pronounced effect. So he would have thrown a lot of money out the window.
  • Very important of course: You must be mentally mature enough to eat hallucinogenic magic truffles. Because buying and consuming are two different things. While the former can be done by any fool, the latter can only be done reliably with the pleasure of mentally mature personalities. This means to be at least 18 years old and to be stable with an optimal set. Better yet, you’re 21 years or older.

Ultimately, buying magic mushrooms online and consuming them after ordering is an incredible experience, especially of a spiritual nature. But make sure that you keep the laws in the country in which you live! This site does not at any time encourage or glorify the use or purchase of any illegal drug. Rather, it relies on personal responsibility and the right to informal self-determination. Please respect in any case the laws prevailing in your country and consume responsibly!

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Further Links and Video

On the internet you can find a lot of information about psychedelic magic mushrooms. While in the digital media of newspapers there is only a one-sided negative press, Wikipedia already shows much more neutrality. Further information can be found in consumer forums or blogs. Even though you can’t necessarily expect neutral coverage here, you’ll often learn first-hand things you wouldn’t find in any encyclopedia or newspaper article about magic truffles or other psychoactive mushrooms.

Here is a selection of links worth reading:

Oval@3x 2 In a nutshell: Yes it really works, here at you can buy magic mushrooms from the European market leader without any problems and order them discreetly home by buying them online!

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