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banner for buy iboga in a shop as ibogaineIn one of the probably most extensive articles on the Internet about Iboga we show first of all in which shop you can buy iboga in a high-quality and order it online as potent root bark to Great Britain and co (namely here).

Note: This article is a translation by non-native speakers. We therefore apologize for any linguistic errors. The content, however, is independently of this correct and elaborately researched. The text offers great added value and should answer all open questions. We have been working on it for a long time!

In addition, we devote ourselves in great detail to the important topic of dosage, using numerous scientific sources. Other aspects of the Tabernanthe Iboga plant such as effect, duration of action, consumption, experience reports, use to alleviate heroin withdrawal and to combat drug addiction as a miracle cure are also discussed in detail.

Ibogain is considered an insider tip for overcoming personal problems such as dependencies of all kinds, fears and constraints, trauma, depression, mental disorders and much more. The recurrence rate of heroin patients treated with iboga therapy is phenomenally low 20% – conventional drug therapies have a rate of 90 to 95%!

Unfortunately, little research has been done on this substance, which is why safe handling (safer use) is recommended. Although it is legally available in many countries, few addiction clinics offer ibogain therapy for withdrawal and rethinking (which costs a few thousand euros instead of the single buying). Therefore, most people consume it alone and have spectacular experiences with it! In the corresponding chapter, you can read more about this.

Important: If you have had questions or even experiences with this incredibly effective shamanic medicine, please let us know in the comment area below.

Buy Iboga – Price Comparison

Buying iboga is legal in most countries of the world (see next section for details). One of our self-tested and trustworthy suppliers of Iboga root bark products is the Austrian online shop called "Querbeet". It is even the only source of this miracle root in all of Europe! Here one can order for many years absolutely discreetly, trustfully and respectably also all sorts of other natural drugs in always high quality.

The ibogain there is available as high quality root bark with about 5 to 6% active ingredient content. Depending on the quantity ordered, you will receive a massive price discount (following price information for buying Ibogain in price per gram):

Image Ibogaine Description Price/g Buying
ibogain kaufen kleines vorschaubild - iboga in der schale als Wurzelrinden Pulver 1g Iboga root bark The ibogain product offered here is always of the same high quality and includes the root bark (with about 5-6% active ingredient content). 11,90 € Buy here
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Vorschaubild leerkapseln 100 empty gelatine capsules This is highly recommended! If you don’t want to vomit the expensive powder uselessly again, you should always refill it in capsules for consumption! 4,95 € Buy here
Vorschaubild digitalwaage zur dosierung Boston Digital" fine balance
(0,1 – 600 g)
Nothing works here without scales. Essential for the right dosage! 8,50 € Buy here

buy lsdPlease note: An addiction or problem treatment with the iboga root bark seems to be quite a lot with about 200 to 300 Euros for a correspondingly high dose, since on average, depending on body weight, 20 to 50 grams of the above root bark are required at 5% active substance content (see the chapter on dosage below).

But how much money is an addiction-free life or the lifting of psychological suffering worth to you? Three hours of psychotherapy cost the same and bring much less. Not to mention the monthly costs of consumption (including cigarettes), which can then be saved.

– – – – – –

Small update to the dosage & the necessary quantity as table:

Before buying iboga, people keep asking how high the dosage would be and how much they would have to order for the best effect. Anyone who has read the entire article should actually know that. To avoid misunderstandings, however, a dosage table is given below. This refers ONLY to the iboga root bark of the online shop "Querbeet" linked here and is based on 20mg active ingredient ibogain per kilogram body weight (it is also the only ibogain-containing product in the shop, the price varies only depending on the quantity ordered)!

So if you order via this, you have to buy and take the following quantities to achieve the best possible effect:

Weight Amount of root bark
55 kilograms 22 grams
60 kilograms 24 grams
65 kilograms 26 grams
70 kilograms 28 grams
75 kilograms 30 grams
80 kilograms 32 grams
85 kilograms 34 grams
90 kilograms 36 grams
95 kilograms 38 grams
100 kilograms 40 grams
105 kilograms 42 grams
110 kilograms 44 grams
115 kilograms 46 grams
120 kilograms 48 grams
and so on and so forth

BASIS OF CALCULATION: Based on 5% active substance content of the root bark (1 gram of root bark contains 50mg active substance) at an optimal dosage of 20mg ibogain per kilogram body weight. 20mg/kg should already be for the safe achievement of the releasing effect, therefore this value serves as basis for the calculation! Since the experience can be physically and mentally quite exhausting afterwards, one would be annoyed green and blue, if one was stingy with the dosage and therefore did not achieve the hoped-for effect. Also observe the health information below for physically ill persons.

IMPORTANT: Use empty capsules or"bombs" (e.g. wrapped in cigarette paper) and enclose the iboga powder in them, as it tastes very bitter and may otherwise be vomited shortly after ingestion. That would mean a lot of money lost. Moreover, vomiting too early may not have the desired effects of relieving addiction or mental suffering (e.g. depression), as the body has absorbed too little active substance in this way. Therefore ALWAYS pack in capsules (best solution, also available at Amazon or here ) or at least cigarette paper (bad solution and expensive). The capsules are not automatically included, but must be purchased separately and the powder filled in.

STORAGE: After buying Iboga should be stored in a cool and dark place, preferably in the refrigerator (not in a freezer!). It should last there for years.

CONSUMPTION: People keep asking how it all works, whether you have to take it regularly, and so on. Therefore, it should be made clear once again that you take your own dose (which depends on your body weight, see above) in one piece and not spread it over several days. One swallows the capsules with iboga and then has self-healing visions and insights. Countless users report this, so it’s true. The West African shamans have successfully used this God-given remedy for thousands of years. So: Take the personally calculated dose at once and then stay in bed for hours and be cured. Afterwards one should keep 2 to 3 days free, in order to process the whole and to cure the physical exhaustion. Thats it. A new consumption after an iboga treatment should by the way take place at the earliest after 3 months, since until then residual effects are present and only then the full range of experience becomes again accessible.

NAUSEA: Vomiting is part of the inner cleansing and takes place in most people. It can, however, be somewhat combated by taking anti-nausea tablets. The active ingredient of these tablets is called dimenhydrinate. They are available in pharmacies without a prescription (for example under the name"Vomex A").

– – – – – –

The Tabernanthe Iboga Buying is best done as root, root bark, HCL or as Total Alkaloid Extract. The latter two products are not on offer in Europe or are sold out quickly and are extremely difficult to procure anyway. However, one could easily produce an Iboga Total Alkaloid extract from the above root bark with a little vinegar instead of having to buy it (see the instructions below). As a European there is nothing else common but to buy the root bark of Querbeet as it is the only source of our continent!

In addition, especially buying the iboga extract will be quite an expensive affair. The root bark already costs a lot, but the extract can sometimes not be ordered for less than 100 euros a gram (70 to 100 euros would be normal). The same applies to HCL, ibogain hydrochloride – i.e. pure ibogain. If you get it at all, you pay 210 Euro and more for one single gram! These prices refer to a corresponding shop from Great Britain, which however does not sell any more for a long time and also leaves emails etc. unanswered. Below you will also find instructions on how to easily produce your own total alkaloid extract.

If you want to buy Ibogain from the Querbeet Shop in Austria, you can’t go wrong. We are always dealing with top-class products of excellent quality. We ourselves would not recommend this Iboga Shop if we have not successfully tested it several times ourselves. If the Iboga extract is sold out or not available at the moment, you can also switch to the other products (Update: meanwhile there is only the normal root bark in Europe). The effect is the same, you just need a higher dosage. However, we will comment on this in detail in the lower section of the article. In addition, Total Alkaloid Extract is very easy to produce yourself. You only need some white vinegar (see instructions below).

Instead of buying iboga, one could also go to a clinic specialising in the withdrawal of opiates such as heroin or methadone. However, this costs many times more and can only be carried out at a few locations in Europe (e.g. the Netherlands or Belgrade, see the chapter below for further information).

For french people: Acheter Iboga

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Español: Comprar Iboga
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English: Buy Iboga
Deutsch: Iboga

Is buying Ibogain legal?

banner for buy iboga in a shop as ibogaineWhether or not buying Ibogain is legal depends largely on the intended use and, of course, the national place to which you want to introduce it. In Europe, for example, what a miracle – Ibogain is only subject to the narcotics law in a few countries and is therefore legal almost everywhere. However, it would then fall under the provisions of the Medicines Act as soon as Ibogain is purchased for use on"animals or humans".

That is why European citizens only order iboga root as bark or extract for ethnobotanical research purposes. Thus they are absolutely within the legal framework, just as they are with ayahuasca, DMT or mescaline.

In which countries could one still legally buy Ibogain? According to current legislation (2018), for example, it is legally available in the following countries:

  • United Kingdom (including England)
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Brazil
  • New Zealand (the only country in the world to have regulated Ibogain medically, where it is prescription)
  • And many more

In some states, however, the active ingredients of the Tabernanthe Iboga plant are also banned. It is therefore not legally possible to order Ibogain in the following countries:

  • France (although customs can’t find it anyway, because no dog is trained for it – so don’t worry)
  • Switzerland
  • USA
  • Belgium
  • Poles
  • Sweden
  • Norway

Iboga Effect

The Ibogain effect cannot be described in detail, but can only be experienced, because it is always very personal. Small amounts stimulate (up to 5mg/kg), higher doses are psychedelic-hallucinogenic.

As you can read in detail below, the iboga root brings deep insights and insights into the true causes inherent in people’s basic problems. This not only freed many drug addicts from their addiction, trauma patients and mentally ill people also report spontaneous cures. It also prevents or minimizes withdrawal symptoms during heroin withdrawal. All of this is extensively documented below with sources and reports of experience. Such a profound experience only succeeds, however, if one doses accordingly high (at least 15mg, better 20mg per kg body weight – see below).

In general, the effect of ibogaine can be described as follows:

  • Central stimulating effect
  • Visions with closed eyes (important life events from deepest childhood or after some reports probably also from past lives are played with reference to the current problem as in a film) IMPORTANT: only with closed eyes one gets the desired visions! When they are opened, they are interrupted, allowing some users to skipping to unpleasant situations.
  • Deep insights and insights about causes and connections of your own problems -> epiphany (= sudden knowledge of a great truth) and mental healing through it!
  • Religious, spiritual, mystical feeling
  • Causes well-being and inner warmth especially during opioid withdrawal (probably a consequence of elevated serotonin and dopamine levels; often only after experience, but lasts for weeks!
  • strenuous for body and mind (depending on the dose, physical limpness may last for more than 24 hours -> so take the next 2 days off!
  • hallucinations (less to hardly with open eyes, but also other senses, especially concerning hearing)
  • daydreams
  • Insight into the subconscious
  • Healing of inner wounds
  • Strengthening self-confidence
  • Reduction to suspension of opioid withdrawal symptoms
  • Reduction of craving (urge for drugs) up to overcoming addiction
  • Coping with traumatic experiences and disorders
  • Healing of psychoses and mental disorders possible
  • Invigoration of the imagination
  • Making early childhood memories accessible
  • Antidepressant effect (often lasts for months)
  • Small doses: mood-lifting, stimulating, sexually stimulating

However, side effects are also possible (usually with improper use such as overdose or mixed consumption or use despite organic previous illnesses). These possible negative effects would be:

  • dizziness and nausea
  • Vomiting (occurs at a maximum of 30% and lasts only a short time, but can lead to a lack of the desired cognitive effect, as the body absorbed too little of the active substance)
  • Physical activity temporarily restricted during the strong phase of action (therefore best to lie down)
  • Reduces blood pressure and digestive activity
  • Reduces appetite (other sources show an increase in appetite and increased digestion)
  • Physical and mental floppiness in the hours following
  • May cause allergic reactions (therefore test with small amount before consumption, if one reacts allergically to ibogain)
  • Sometimes anxiety (you are confronted with the innermost of your problems, which is not always pleasant)
  • Insomnia after a successful trip that lasts a few days for some (as they think a lot about what they have experienced); at least on the same day sleep is impossible for most.
  • sometimes enormous physical slackness, which can last a few days (you feel weak and exhausted -> so keep at least 2 days free after consumption, for working people Friday is suitable as a day of consumption immediately after work without having eaten anything a day)
  • Cramps and paralysis
  • cardiac arrhythmia
  • Death from respiratory arrest (overdose, see below LD50 dose – extremely rare, 20 deaths documented)
  • NEVER consume together with opiates / opiodes! Not even days after drinking iboga, see below.

duration of action

The duration of iboga depends on the dose and of course the set and setting (the inner emotional state and the external conditions). The direct intoxicating effect is indicated in the sources with 6 to 8 or 12 hours.

Aftereffects and processing of the experience can still occur 20 to 36 hours after ingestion, in rare cases (5%) even longer. If HCL Ibogain is consumed, the duration of action should be 4 to 8 hours, slightly shorter than for the root bark. However, pure HCL is reported to lack the"honest component" as opposed to the natural drug and all its alkaloids.

The onset of action takes place between 20 and 45 minutes after ingestion. This is often indicated by humming in the ear. Then follow the growing visions and personal images in the spirit. After 3 to 5 hours the waking dreams should then lose intensity and the self-reflecting and processing process begins.

However, most iboga consumers are still unable to lead a regular life the day after taking it. Therefore one should keep at least one day after the consumption of iboga free!

Contraindications: When should Ioga not be consumed and what should I watch out for?

Even if"only" 20 deaths have been reported in the literature and appear to be minor in the face of thousands and thousands of healers, this risk still exists. In the following, we will go into more detail as to where the main causes for this may be to be found.

Most deaths associated with the consumption of iboga or ibogain are related to serious physical illnesses, especially of the heart. And secondly, iboga consumers died as a result of an opioid overdose. How do you explain this? Now, those who have already consumed iboga once and at the same time were opioid or opiate consumers will have noticed that this natural wonder drug immediately disappears all opiate-typical withdrawal symptoms only one hour after consumption. This effect lasts for a few days to weeks! Even if you vomit early (as I personally experienced) and therefore the visionary cognitive effect is missing, the opioid receptors are still so strongly occupied that you have no withdrawal symptoms the next days and furthermore opiates of any kind achieve no or hardly any effect even in highest doses!

This last fact is enormously important to know, since probably not few deaths are due to failed Iboga experiences: Opiate addicts did not have the hoped-for breakthrough in knowledge, but rather the physical side effects such as dullness and lack of energy. Subsequently they consumed opioids (heroin, methadone, opium, oxycodone, codeine etc.) and wondered why they did not work. As a result, they may have mistakenly thought that their drug (especially heroin) does not contain enough active substance. As a result, they consume again and were still wondering why they did not feel any effect. As you can easily guess, you run the risk of unknowingly overdosing yourself, especially as the physical opiate effect is also increased! I have experienced this myself with kratom (a plant opioid): Even 2-3 days after the consumption of iboga, kratom has no noticeable effect!

In addition, any psychotropic drugs such as antidepressants, SSRI and similar drugs should be taken at all costs, so that the last intake was a good 2 weeks ago. Otherwise complications may occur. Furthermore Iboga offers you the unique chance to live mentally healed without such drugs in the future! However, if you have heart problems or liver problems (such as hepatitis or fatty liver etc.) and other serious impairments of a physical or mental nature (such as schizophrenia), you should first contact an Iboga clinic (see below) for advice by e-mail or telephone. You can pass yourself off as an interested soon patient.

Ibogain content of root, root bark, total alkaloid extract, HCL and leaves

tabernanthe iboga pflanze wurzel samen blätterIn order to determine the optimal dose, it is NECESSARY necessary to obtain precise information about the product ordered and to be aware of it. Check with the shop if necessary. If you want to buy Ibogain and order online, the following options are usually offered (indication of the active ingredient content based on average values):

  • Root: usually contains 1.1 to 1.33%, sometimes up to 2.6% (other names: root, iboga root, tabernanthe radix, bocca root, tabernanthe root)
  • Root bark: contains 5 to 6 % (other names: Root Bark, Tabernanthe root bark, Tabernanthe radicis cortex)
  • Total alkaloid extract: contains all alkaloids of the plant at 50 to 60 % active substance content (also called "TA extract")
  • HCL: pure hydrochloride, ideally contains 99.9% ibogain as pure active ingredient without further alkaloids
  • Leaves: very rare form of consumption, hard to buy – contain 0.35 % (other names: Tabernanthe folium, Tabernantheblatt)

Source: Research results from Delorme-Houde as an analysis of various samples to determine the average total alkaloid content. Other average values of other parts of the plant he found are the following (although they are hardly available):

  • Branch bark: 1,96 %
  • Branches: 0.26
  • Fruits: 0.33 to 0.45
  • Seeds: 1.08 %.

Dosage of Ibogain

The dosage of ibogain for the optimal effect is about 20mg per kilogram of body weight and is very central to the effect and is therefore all the more important than with many other drugs, as it determines the desired effect of self-knowledge as well as a toxic overdose. Although extremely few cases of death from ibogain are known (in the sources the figures vary between 2 and 20 reported deaths), the utmost caution applies (see above on contraindications).

We therefore want to devote ourselves very intensively to Iboga dosage and consult numerous sources from science and consumer experience reports. It is exactly expressed in milligrams of ibogain per kilogram of body weight:

  • No effect at less than 1mg/kg
  • At 3-5mg/kg the first signs of action appear, which are rather stimulating in nature
  • At over 5mg/kg the psychedelic, hallucinogenic effect starts
  • From 15-20mg/kg upwards, life-changing insights and healing effects such as freedom from addiction etc. take place.

(first 3 data from Erowid, where 5mg/kg will hardly trigger the desired deep experience)

Dr. Christian Rätsch states the dosage of ibogain in mg/kg in his classic with reference to branding iron (1994, p. 892) as follows:

  • 2-10mg/kg cause stimulation of the central nervous system
  • At 40mg/kg the serotonin receptors are occupied and an effect similar to the LSD effect would occur

An English-language technical essay also gives 2 concrete data on the oral dose of ibogain in mg per kg body weight:

  • A Dutch study had made good experiences with heroin users with the dose of 20-25 mg/kg
  • Today 10-20 mg/kg are standard in drug therapies with Ibogain

Our research showed that consumers generally consume between 15 to 25 mg/kg as a"full-flood dose" for the optimally strong iboga effect.

However: The therapeutic dosage is not reported by the clinics, so it can be much higher than for the natives of Central West Africa (see below) and is typically stated as"40mg/kg" in another dossier as for Rätsch. Using the approximately known percentages of ibogain in root, root bark, total alkaloid or HCL, the personal dose can be calculated (see calculation example below).

Dr. Rätsch also writes about the general dose of root powder in grams:

  • A heaped teaspoon of root powder (about 1-2g) has euphoric and stimulating effects (reminiscent of the amphetamine effect).
  • 6 to 10 grams of root powder create visionary experiences and psychedelic hallucinations
  • The Bwiti natives use in their initiation rite between 50 and 100, sometimes also up to 200 grams of the Iboga root powder (thereby it came occasionally already to deaths)

Unfortunately, Rätsch only writes here about "root powder" and it is not clear whether it is exclusively the root bark, the root or both. After all, the active substance content would differ by a factor of 5!

Data on the average lethal dose (LD 50) of ibogain in milligrams per kilogram body weight exist only from research on animals. It was administered either orally (p.o.), intravenously (injected into the vein, i.v.), subcutaneously (under the hand, s.c.), intraperitoneally (into the abdominal cavity, i.p.) or intragastrally (into the stomach, i.g.). Of course, the insights gained from this cannot be transferred 1 to 1 to humans, but they do offer rough orientation marks.

The following LD 50 values of pure ibogain were found in animal experiments:

  • 82 mg/kg domestic guinea pig i.p.
  • 82 mg/kg Rabbit s.c.
  • 27 mg/kg Mouse s.c.
  • 263 mg/kg Mouse i.g.
  • Sources:
    Popik et al in: Chemistry and Biology

In the above linked dossier it is also written that for 4 days test animals of the Western Green Sea cat 5-25 mg/kg p.o. (orally) and found no toxic effects.

Two deaths could be found in the sources, in which more detailed circumstances such as dosage, age, sex and or iboga form (extract, bark etc.) were present:

  • 1993 a 24-year-old woman dies in Holland 19 hours after taking 29mg/kg
  • In 2000, a 40-year-old heroin patient dies after taking 5 grams of a"Total Alkaloid Extract". This would have contained 5 times more than the root bark. An Iboga Total Alkaloid extract usually contains at least 50% pure Ibogain. In this case, this would correspond to a total of 2500mg. At an assumed weight of 70 kilograms this would be about 35mg/kg
    .source: Ibogaine. Proceedings from the First International Conference, Alper et al

Some authors write that such deaths are often related to existing heart problems or secret opioid use during the iboga trip (because ibogaine increases the effect of opioids). No details could be found in the two specific cases. There are said to be 20 documented deaths in total. Even if every single one is tragic, the root has certainly already saved or made worth living again thousands of lives. Everyone has to assess for himself and decide whether he wants to go this way.

Calculation example for the correct dosage

Below is a calculation example for the dosage of the different iboga forms. Our case study assumes a person X weighing 75 kilograms who is aiming for a dose of 15mg/kg* (a total of 1125mg of the active ingredient ibogain). The above average values form the basis of calculation. The conversion to your own weight is very easy and can be done without any effort.

  • Root: If we calculate with a 1.2 % ibogaine content, X should consume 93 grams of iboga root!
  • Root bark: If we assume an active ingredient content of 5% (the standard), this would be a dose of 22.5 grams of Iboga root bark for X. Here in the Austrian shop you would have to order this amount of iboga! It is the only European source for this anyway (but be careful, fill it into empty capsules before consumption, otherwise it will be too disgusting!
  • Total alkaloid extract: With a 50 % active ingredient content (standard), the dose for X is 2.25 grams TA extract.
  • HCL: At complete purity (almost 100%), this would logically be 1.125 grams of HCL.
  • please note: the 15mg/kg mentioned here correspond to a rather low dose for optimal effect. For safety reasons, it is better to calculate with 20mg/kg!
  • See also the table above in the section"Buying Iboga

Field reports on dosage

In the internet we have found some reports of experience in which the users talk about their Ibogain dosage.

Used for heroin withdrawal, someone writes:

"in total I took 1.4 g Ibogain HCL which corresponds to about 17.5 mg/kg body weight.

About the dose and experience with the root bark:

"70-75kg[body weight] and my first trip with root bark I did with 25g, that was then also a[strong] shamanic experience".

Via the "Fullflood" (strongest possible) Ibogain dosage:

"A fullflood dose starts (in my case) at 15mg/kg body weight"

Very high dosage of the root bark (excerpt from the 3-part experience report, see below):

"especially since the Headshop recommended a dosage of 5-15g in the package insert and I had reached an estimated 30-35g overall"

Report on the dose of a TA extract (Total Alkaloid Extract):

"As dose I had (m) on about 60kg body weight 2g total extract from the iboga root bark with a content of about 60% ibogaine. This corresponds to 20mg/kg, i.e. quite high doses."


banner for buy iboga in a shop as ibogaineIbogain is always consumed and taken orally, whether as root, root bark, extract or HCL, and at best is crushed as much as possible. It is drunk either as tea or mixed with water or even eaten. It is important to swallow all the plant material! Also, one should take the total dose in 2 or 3 steps every 30 to 60 minutes and not immediately at once.

Since iboga tastes rather bitter and disgusting, it is advisable to mix it with a little water and then quickly swallow it with a nose-closure. Then rinse with a little juice. Some also consume it as"Bömbchen" as known from MDMA. To do this, wrap the crushed powder in a piece of tissue or cigarette paper and then swallow it with water. This avoids the unpleasant taste.

Tip: It would be best to take empty gelatin capsules like this one. There is no disgusting taste and therefore hardly any danger of vomiting everything again.

Further tips for consumption and safe handling:

  • You MUST have an empty stomach. It’s best not to eat all day.
  • It is advisable to lie down in bed and close your eyes. A sleeping mask and dark surroundings as well. Only when the eyes are closed do the desired visions appear.
  • Iboga therapy in Mexico also involves fasting beforehand. This is also known from ayahuasca and serves on the one hand as preparation for the Mao inhibitor and the avoidance of corresponding correlating foods (and medicines!) and as mental preparation. Fasting also means to stop all legal drugs during this time (including coffee, nicotine, chocolate, etc.).
  • Test a small amount beforehand for tolerance and allergic reaction. Only after 1 to 2 hours take the main amount.
  • It is recommended not to take everything at once. But for example at the beginning only the first half and after about 30 to 60 minutes the second half. Some even recommend consuming the total dose in 3 steps.
  • Never consume alone. If you buy Ibogain, you should also think about a trip sitter. This person of trust can intervene in case of complications if necessary (especially if it is used for heroin withdrawal!).
  • Never mix. This not only distorts the desired effect, but can also be fatal and unpredictable. For example, the alkaloid of the iboga root bark reduces opioid tolerance even days after ingestion. This can lead to fatal overdoses if opioids are consumed in the usual dosage. So pay close attention to the half-life as a possible opioid consumer and have nothing more of it in your body!
  • DO NOT take ANY opiates for at least 48 hours after the iba session, as they cannot have any effect anyway and thus risk fatal overdose!
  • Ibogain is a Mao inhibitor. Therefore, do not take appropriate food and drugs at the same time.
  • Pregnant women and people with physical disabilities (especially people with heart problems) should refrain from drinking iboga.
  • in case of uncertainties: Contact various iboga clinics by email (see links below) and ask if you would be in good hands with your sensitivities there. If you ask your family doctor, he will of course advise against it for lack of knowledge.

Ingredients and pharmacology

The parts processed by the iboga plant (mainly root and root bark) contain various alkaloids. The most important of them is, of course, Ibogain. According to Dr. Rätsch, the alkaloids of this plant can be divided into 3 groups:

  1. Ibogain type (Ibogain, Ibogalin, Tabernanthin, Ibolutein, Gabonin, Ibogamin and others)
  2. Voacangintyp (Voacangin, Voacryptin, Catharanthin und andere)
  3. Voaphylline type (Voaphyls)

Interestingly, the alkaloid ibogain has a particularity compared to other hallucinogenic substances such as mescaline, psilocybin, psilocin, LSD, 1P-LSD, ETH-LAD, AL-LAD, 2C-C, 2C-D, 2C-E and others. This exception consists in a special molecular ring structure (iirc), which is probably responsible for the uniqueness of the effect. Exact information about this appeared during the research in an English technical article at Google Books, but could not be found again in the follow-up however no more as source reference. If a reader knows more about this, please let us know as a comment.

In the human body, ibogain is metabolized by the cytochrome P450 2D6 in noribogain (12-hydroxyibogamine). Noribogain is a very potent serotonin reuptake inhibitor. It acts as a moderate?-opioid receptor agonist and weak µ-opioid receptor agonist.

History and Culture of Tabernanthe iboga

The shrub called Tabernanthe iboga, which is about 1 to 2 metres tall, grows above all Gabon and the Congo. There, the particularly high concentration of the indole alkaloid ibogain in the root of the indigenous Bwiti cult of the Fang and Mitsogo tribes has been used as a healing drug and initiation rite for thousands of years. Young men eat extremely high amounts of the root of the Tabernanthe iboga shrub and thus transition to warrior and hunter status.

iboga zeremonie durch bwiti stammeskultur
Members of the Bwiti culture. Iboga is used by this tribal culture for thousands of years.

The Bwiti cult is a syncretistic religion consisting of elements of proselytized Christianity and Ancient African tribal culture. The iboga plant is considered there as the true tree of knowledge, which comes directly from the Garden of Eden. Through him, man can recognize the world and God in their true nature.

This sacral drug was discovered by the British in 1819. Its main active ingredient ibogain was extracted for the first time in 1901 by Dybowski and Landrin as well as Haller and Heckel from the root bark (contains the highest concentration). Until 1967, it was freely available on the French market as a rather low-dose medicine called "Lambarene" and "Iperton". Iboga has been banned in the USA since this year.

The groundbreaking anti-addiction effect was discovered more by chance by 19-year-old heroin addict Howard Lotsof in 1962 when he consumed the Tabernanthe iboga root for relaxation. The next day he found that he had no desire for heroin or other drugs. Since then, iboga therapy for drug addiction has spread worldwide and Lotsof has always been committed to making this function known. He also received several patents for the medical use of ibogain. However, comparatively few clinics use this substance.

In the course of the increasing demand, the price for the iboga root has increased approximately tenfold in the last 15 years and it was on the verge of extinction! This not only makes it difficult for the already poorly-to-do addict to make a purchase. For the tribesmen themselves, too, their traditional medicine is becoming priceless. Therefore, the cultivation of Tabernanthe iboga plants is now being stepped up. After all, it takes 7 years to harvest the root of the shrub. The natives therefore only use a part of the root, so that the plant can live on and sprout again. During the research, however, it could be read that another plant had been discovered that also produces ibogain – in smaller quantities but much easier and faster to grow. Unfortunately, the name of this natural plant could no longer be found. Who knows more about this, is cordially invited to announce this in the comments!

A great documentation about Ibogaine:

Making Iboga TA extract (instructions)

An Iboga TA extract (Total Alkaloid – contains all the active ingredients of the root) is recommended, as it is very rarely available. And secondly, you only need to take 3 grams of TA extract instead of, for example, 30 grams of root bark. Thirdly, the whole process is quite simple and requires no laboratory equipment or chemical knowledge. Most people have ingredients at home or in the nearest supermarket.

The following is a guide to the iboga extract:

  1. The starting material should be the iboga root cortex (root bark). This is processed into the finest possible powder, if not already purchased. A coffee grinder, for example, is quite suitable for this.
  2. Pour the powder into a tall glass and pour in as much distilled white vinegar (e.g. distilled spirits vinegar, 5-8%) until the powder is covered with vinegar a few centimetres high.
  3. The whole thing is well shaken (of course covered with something) and left in the dark for 5 days. Shake several times a day. The mixture will now turn darker and darker as the iboga alkaloids are dissolved.
  4. Pour this solution through a cotton cloth or coffee filter and store the liquid in a closable container. Tip: Funnels and closable bottles are good for this.
  5. To extract the remaining alkaloids, we put the root bark powder from the filter back into the glass and refill it with a lot of vinegar. Shake and leave in the dark as usual and shake several times a day.
  6. This time filter off after 2 days and then put the bark back into the glass and refill with vinegar. After another 2 days we filter out the alkaloids for the 3rd and last time. The root bark, which has been freed of almost all active substances, can now be disposed of.
  7. Now we only have to remove the vinegar from the accumulated solution. Pour them into a glass ovenproof dish (other material should work as well) and put them in the oven at 90 degrees Celsius (no more, otherwise the alkaloids could decompose). The oven door must be left open for extracting the vapours (i.e. also open windows in the kitchen!). Check regularly to see if everything is running correctly and to what extent the vinegar has already been diluted.
  8. When everything is dry, take it out to cool down. When it has cooled down, scrape off the TA Iboga extract with a knife. For storage we recommend wrapping in foil and then off to the freezer.

Note: even if the source mentioned below does not indicate purity, TA extract usually contains 50 to 60% ibogain. Here, too, the dosage should be designed accordingly.

Quick instructions for people without time (but of course with worse results and lower purity):

  1. Turning root bark into powder
  2. Put the powder in a saucepan and top up with vinegar so that it is completely covered and preferably 1cm more.
  3. simmer on low heat for 60 to 90 minutes
  4. Then filter, keep the liquid and bring the powder back to the boil with new vinegar.
  5. Repeat 3 times
  6. Allow the whole solution to evaporate again in the oven until the dry extract remains.

Source of this Iboga Total Alkaloid Extract guide:

Ibogain for heroin withdrawal and against drug addiction

Ibogain is used as a strongly alleviating to completely suppressing agent for the opioid withdrawal of heroin, morphine or methadone (among others) as well as a"cognitive drug against drug addiction". The latter may seem rather strange to the naïve person, socialized in the social ductus of a bigoted concept of drugs. Fighting drug addiction with a drug? Absurd, one would think as a layman. In fact, the root of the Tabernanthe Iboga plant has helped countless drug addicts to overcome their addiction. As the experience reports below show, it provides addicts with insights and insights into the causes of their addiction. These can be deeply hidden fears or early childhood experiences.

banner for buy iboga in a shop as ibogaineHowever, other addictions such as nicotine addiction, gambling addiction or obesity and mental disorders such as depression, anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorders as well as overcoming trauma can also be made possible with iboga. This is proven by many experiences from all over the world. Of course, the prerequisite for this is a willingness to really stop. In addition, accompanying psychotherapeutic measures and self-help groups have proven to be very helpful. The recurrence rate of ibogain-treated heroin addicts is incredibly low at 20-25% (sources 1 and 2), while normal drug therapies have 90 to 95% recurrence rates.

Now you might ask yourself why it is still so unknown and you couldn’t just buy Ibogain anywhere or at least get it on prescription. A possible train of thought in brief: Pharmaceutical companies earn a lot of money selling substitution drugs for addictions (methadone in opioid addicts, etc.) or for mental illness. If this now replaces an unpatentable natural product with a single application, it will massively reduce the profits of the pharmaceutical industry. Out of self-protection, they would have no interest in this and would certainly not finance any scientific studies.

A second thought: We grow up with a completely distorted picture of "drugs". In this world psychedelic mushrooms are drugs, while the most dangerous substance in the world, alcohol, according to Dr Nutt, is never treated as a drug in public perception. All psychoactive substances that cannot be bought as legal drugs or bought in pharmacies are without exception considered bad and counterproductive. It is only slowly that this senseless contrast between good and bad drugs is weakening. Cannabis is being rediscovered primarily as hemp oil against cancer, and medical research is again venturing intoMagic mushrooms and discovering their healing potential. Ibogain is probably also avoided in addiction medicine because it breaks up the conservatively imposed thought pattern according to which a supposed drug cannot cure any drug-induced disease. But if you look at iboga as a medicine, the situation is quite different. Moreover, Ibogain is not addictive. It remains for millions of addicts to hope that a gradual change in consciousness will take place here.

A third thought: As a rule, the side effects and the "dangerousness" of iboga are argued here. This is the main reason why it was banned in the USA and pharmaceuticals are not to be expected in the foreseeable future. Conversely, heroin addiction is nothing but temporary death. Instead of suddenly dying, heroin addicts die a little more every day. They perish over years. If their free will were respected and they were informed about the benefits and risks of the substance, almost everyone would probably get involved in Iboga and buy and take it. Instead, "experts" far from addiction reality imagine themselves in their ivory towers to be able to make this decision on their behalf. In reality, according to current data, they are thus depriving millions of severely dependent people of an undeniably effective drug.

If this text is read by a doctor, addiction therapist or similar professional: Dare to approach this matter and be a pioneer in this field! Give it a chance and let the results speak instead of socialised prejudices.

Opioid withdrawal with iboga therapy (heroin, methadone, oxycodone etc.)

Iboga therapy not only includes a general fight against deep-rooted addiction, but is also specifically designed to alleviate opioid withdrawal from heroin, methadone, morphine, opium and so on.

Even severe heroin addictions are reduced to a very mild level by ibogain during withdrawal. This is pharmacologically explained by the fact that this substance is metabolized to noribogain in the body. Noribogain increases serotonin and dopamine levels for mental wellbeing and the lack of desire for heroin. Research has not yet been able to find out why the physical withdrawal symptoms are also alleviated. If you have any information on this, please let us know as a comment.

Such an application should never be done alone, of course, but always under supervision! There are even special withdrawal clinics that specialize in heroin withdrawal with ibogain. Mexico and Canada were pioneers here, but there is also this possibility in the Netherlands or Belgrade. The price is about 1500 Euro. For comparison: Here in the shop you pay about 300 Euro and can do it under supervision at home alone.

As already mentioned above, the relapse rate should be only about 20%. A street worker even writes on his page about Ibogain during heroin withdrawal:

"After 36 hours down from 2 grams of heroin a day, to zero, without withdrawal symptoms. Yes, there is, and it is concealed. I know about 15 people who have detoxified with iboga. (As medication Ibogain HCI from Omnichem) […] I have not yet had a relapse in patients detoxified with Ibogain."

Important: Ibogain reduces opioid tolerance and increases the effect. To avoid deadly overdose, wait at least 7 days after the last dose of iboga before relapsing. In an experience report linked below someone did not know this and after smoking a sheet of heroin was just about brought back from the dead by an emergency doctor. By the way, this person had his revival afterwards and got visions some time after the iboga therapy. Today he describes himself as addictive and cured despite the relapse shortly after the Ibogain trip.

Another tip for opiate addicts: If you want to take a lower dose, we recommend switching to the legal herbal opioid kratom. In the article "BUY CRATOME" you will find everything you need to know. Quite a few heroin addicts have thus moved away from devilish heroin and towards a natural plant.

Attention: Ibogain and Methadone / Polamidone

According to the English-speaking addiction clinics, anyone who is substituted with methadone or polamidone should no longer have taken these drugs at least 10 days prior to the consumption of iboga. The pharmacological background in brief: Methadone and polamidone are "long active opioids", which means they have an unbelievably long effect in the body and a correspondingly high half-life. To avoid painful withdrawal symptoms a few days after the iboga experience, they should therefore be discontinued beforehand. The withdrawal clinics recommend the use of "short active opioids" such as oxycodone to bridge these 10 days (up to 30 days in some cases). Erowid, however, has an experience report from someone who took methadone (20 to 60mg) for 20 years. He started the Iboga experience from zero to one hundred without replacing it. Only after one week did he notice the first slight withdrawal symptoms, which he indicated with 5% strength. After 3 weeks they were 15% of the usual expected 100%! Here the report: exp.php?ID=41752

Video about the drug-free-effect of Iboga:

Rehab clinics that offer ibogain therapies:

Ibogain experiences and trip reports

Ibogain experiences and trip reports are abundant even in German-speaking countries. Below we will publish some of them in extracts with reference to the source. Omissions are marked with square brackets. In addition, we list links to further experience reports.

Ibogain field report of an ex-heroin addict:

"It blocks all withdrawal symptoms. It’s the only stuff I know that does drugs without pain. I flew abroad for my treatment and two days later I was back in New York; healed! I have no need for heroin or cocaine anymore. It even disgusts me"

Field report from a 26-year-old ex-heroin and cocaine addict:

"It was as if all impurities were taken out of my body. It was a very purifying experience. Afterwards I felt like new, pure and fresh." […]"On Ibogaine," he said,"I could step back to see myself as I really am. I can breathe again and I’m putting on weight again. I don’t feel the need to take drugs anymore, even though the opportunity presented itself often. Ibogaine gives you the opportunity to make a choice. It’s a miracle drug."

"Trip report" of a polytoxicomaniac to overcome his addiction:

"Physically I had the hottest feeling of well-being during the trip, stronger than the best opioid in the whole world could ever give me.


My expectations were far exceeded:

The desire for the drugs mentioned above is practically non-existent. I am now again able to relax completely sober, my body feels so unusually"soft" ^^. Before, I was permanently under stress due to a lack of self-esteem and self-confidence coupled with social fears that often even prevented me from going out the door.


But this is not the only thing that has changed. Before the trip I consumed excessive sugar and sugary food, sat in front of the TV all the time and watched one series after another, constantly surfing around in some drug forums. I have no desire for any of this anymore;


I can only warmly recommend iboga to anyone who is seriously considering breaking up; it offers an incredible opportunity to draw this thick, fat and continuous".

Further reports and experiences can be found for example at:

IMPORTANT: If you have experienced Ibogain yourself, please write them below as a comment and they will be included in the article!

Iboga HCL Production and Synthesis

Following the work of a student on the synthesis pathway and the production of ibogain as pure HCL (hydrochloride). But this is rather theoretical, since no layman has such devices and the knowledge for it ready. In contrast to HCL, the TA extract contains all the active ingredients that are important for the optimal effect.

The report is originally only available as a scanned image file. He was transcribed for you. The pictures of the structural formulas and chemical drawings can be found on the following graphics attached before the synthesis instructions:

Synthesis and production:

1.) preface

Ibogain (12-methoxyibogamine) is an alkaloid with an indoleoazepine basic structure, which is found in the plant Tabernathe Iboga. It is structurally related to serotonin (5-HT; 5-hydroxytryptamine) and 5-methoxy-dimethyltryptamine (5-MeO-DMT, similar to DMT), an alkaloid found for example in Psychotria viridis.

5-MeO-DMT is used in Amazon natives for its psychotomimetic effect by shamans who believe they can communicate with spirits through the use of Psychotria viridis. Since it is broken down by the monoaminooxidase (MAO) enzymes before it can take effect, they also take a preparation of Banisteriopsis Caapi, a liana containing the MAO inhibitor harmin[1].

As the structural relationship to 5-MeO-DMT suggests, ibogain also causes psychotomimetic effects, such as (mainly optical) hallucinations, mental disorders, ego disorders and the like. What makes ibogain special, however, is the fact that it appears to be able to positively influence a patient’s opioid dependency, as it can reduce or even completely eliminate the withdrawal symptoms caused by opioids according to various experience reports[2].

This property makes Ibogain a potential drug of the future. However, since the psychotomimetic side effects cannot be expected of a patient from an ethical point of view, it is also a possible starting material for the development of drugs against opioid dependence that do without these side effects.

In this paper a way to produce ibogain in particular and indoloazepines in general fully synthetic is presented.

2.) synthesis

In 1967 Stephen I. Sallay presented in the Journal of the American Chemical Society[3] a method of total synthesis of ibogamine, by which the 12-methoxy derivative ibogain can be obtained in an enantiomerically pure form.

The synthesis is based on the cis-endion I. It is ketalized at C1 to give II while maintaining the cis configuration. This is used to produce cis-anti-oxime III, which is converted via a Beckmann rearrangement with tosyl chloride in hot pyridine to seven-membered cis-lactam-Ketal IV.

The double bond to compound IV is then epoxidized to V with peroxybenzoic acid and selectively reduced to axial hydroxy-lactam VI with lithium aluminium hydride.

Oxidation with saretto reagent (CrO3 in pyridine) produces the C7-ketone VII, whereby the lactam group protects the nitrogen atom from oxidation. The resulting keto oxygen is then replaced by the methylene residue visible in VIII via a Wittig reaction.

Hydroborating produces the equatorial hydroxymethyl derivative IX, which in turn is reduced to amino alcohol X by lithium aluminium hydride at the lactam function. The N-carbobenzoxylated amino alcohol XI is tosylated to XII and its ketal and carbobenzoxyl groups are removed with HBr and AcOH to obtain the hydrobromide of XIII. This compound spontaneously cyclizes with elimination of HBr or HOTs to the bicyclic system XIV.

Through Fischer indole synthesis, XIV is converted to ibogamine XVI via an imine intermediate XV. By selecting the appropriate reagent to produce Imin XV, the ibogain shown at the beginning can be obtained.

3.) analytics

In the Chemical Abstracts we found an abstract[4] about the analytics of Ibogain, but the corresponding publication was unfortunately not available. However, some information could be taken from the abstract.

Ibogain is detected qualitatively by DC and detected with the following reagents:

A: 15g FeCl3 * 6H20 in 100mL 2% HCl

B: 15g Kl in 100mL H20

The various alkaloids, to which the article refers but which could not be taken from the abstract, give an either violet, red, green or brown colour after spraying with reagent A, which results from oxidation or chelation.

After additional spraying with reagent B, a reddish-brown colour develops, which can be intensified by wetting with water.

Point 4 "Important reaction mechanisms" and point 5 "Literature" can be found in the pictures.

Note: Some remarks reveal the unilateral negative associations of rationalists with hallucinogenic drugs. The author would like to produce a substance that only relieves withdrawal without the"psychotomimetic side effects". Yet it is precisely those who (can) overcome drug addiction in the long term. This shows that the wrong drug socialisation has even found its way into clever people.

Buy Iboga + dosage, effect and experience reports – external and internal links

Now that we have explained in detail what the effect, dosage, withdrawal treatment, drug addiction therapy, experience reports etc. of Iboga look like and of course where you can buy and legally order Ibogain, internal articles on other drugs are linked first. Then further sources to the actual topic.

Internal links:

External links and other sources about Iboga:


Oval@3x 2 In one of the probably most extensive articles on the Internet about Iboga we show first of all in which shop you can buy iboga in a high-quality and order it online as potent root bark to Great Britain and co (namely here).

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