Buy DMT online – Effect, Experiences, Dosage

Yes, there are several ways to buy DMT, preferably from here – partly legal, partly semi-legal and sometimes illegal. This article will tell you everything you need to know about buying and consuming N,N-Dimethyltryptamine, probably the strongest drug of humanity and sometimes also called "God’s molecule".

buy 4-aco-dmtFor example, what is the best shop to order DMT. Or how to smoke it and consume it orally with what effect at what dosage. But also what different experiences there are and much more like instructions for extraction.

(Note: This article has been written by non-native speakers, so please excuse possible language errors. Nevertheless, the information has been researched extensively on the basis of scientific sources and written down carefully. We have worked for a long time to compile all the necessary knowledge on this topic in just one article!)

If you want to buy DMT, there are basically 4 possibilities available:

  1. You buy DMT in the form of ayahuasca (2 ingredients like mimosa h. & peganum h. ), cook it and then drink it traditionally as a brew
    ==> Causes the strongest and longest effect (8 hours) because consumed orally. Recommended for first-time consumers because it is easy to handle (buy here)
  2. You buy synthetically produced 4-AcO-DMT as "Legal High" for immediate consumption, which has very similar effects, but you don’t have to produce it yourself
    ==> Duration of effect is 6 hours, also very suitable for beginners (buy here)
  3. You buy DMT-containing plants for smoking or sniffing, but their duration of action does not come close to ayahuasca or legal high (but you have to extract them beforehand, see below for instructions)
    ==> Nevertheless extremely strong effect, which lasts only between 10 and 20 minutes, but can be fully felt after just a few seconds (buy here)
  4. A 4th option would be the purchase of pure DMT or "Changa" in Darknet
    ==> Technically complicated and costly, due to the better options 1-3 not necessary

In the following we want to present all 4 possibilities in more detail.

However, the best source of supply is already revealed in advance:

buy dmtThe best shop to buy real DMT and order home as plant is the Dutch Smartshop "AVALON". It has been the undisputed market leader throughout Europe for over 10 years for all biogenic drugs legal in the Netherlands. Thousands of satisfied customers shop there, because they deliver professionally and discreetly to almost every country in the world.

We ourselves have successfully tested this shop countless times, have classified it as extremely trustworthy and at the same time at reasonable prices and can therefore recommend it to you as a serious source of supply!

Buy DMT – Price comparison

Buying DMT, the strongest known hallucinogen in human history, is a breeze. There are 3 possibilities, which we explain in detail below. In a nutshell: as ayahuasca, as a synthetic designer drug or as a single plant.

For the impatient, however, we are already starting with a price comparison of the most popular DMT drugs to buy online, which will make it easier for the impatient to choose:

Picture DMT Description & Effect Price Buy this
Vorschaubild Ayahuasca kaufen Kit 1 Ayahuasca The most intensive effect (approx. 8 hours) of DMT is obtained by making the ayahuasca magic drink of the Amazon shamans. In addition to Mimosa hostilis, a 2nd plant such as Peganum harmala is needed for this, so that the body can also absorb the active substance orally while drinking through MAO inhibitors:
50g Mimosa Hostilis (DMT) 12,50 € Buy MH here
25g Peganum Harmala (MAO inhibitor) 6,95 € Buy PH here
Vorschaubild 4 aco dmt kaufen 4-AcO-DMT 2 pills synthetic DMT derivative for a longer and more intense trip (6 hours). The easiest way to get to know this substance without much effort – very suitable for beginners. 28,90 € Buy here
Mimosa Hostilis
(inner root bark)
If you want to smoke DMT, it’s best to use this plant. 50 grams contains one pack and lasts forever. Mimosa hostilis is the best way to extract DMT and smoke afterwards. But be careful and start small – it is a very strong substance! The inner root bark contains up to 2% DMT. 12,50 € Buy here
Yopo seeds
(also contains 5-MeO-DMT)
Yopo seeds are suitable for DMT and 5-Meo-DMT smoking or nasal consumption (short trip). 5-Meo-DMT is very similar, only less hallucinogenic and colorful, but more psychedelic and spiritual, one could say. Also requires extraction or preparation beforehand. 5,95 € Buy here
Other popular psychedelics:
Vorschaubild 1p-lsd kaufen als Legal Highs LSD Two LSD trips. The active ingredient is 1P-LSD, which is metabolized in the body to form a genuine LSD and thus works exactly like the original. TOP BESTSELLER! 23,90 € Buy here
vorschaubild allgemein für mushroom growkit pilz growbox 15g magic mushrooms Magic mushrooms have a similar effect, are less hallucinogenic and much gentler – perfect for newbies! 9,50 € Buy here
buy cannabis online as minipic 3g cannabis Synthetic cannabinoids cause an extremely strong cannabis rush, which the best coffee shop weed can’t get its hands on. 28,90 € Buy here
Prices: can vary slightly from time to time

To be honest, ordering pure DMT is a very hopeless undertaking. Because dimethyltryptamine is banned and subject to the Narcotics Law, DMT cannot be legally purchased in its pure form anywhere. Or have you ever seen it on offer from a dealer? Exactly! Even in a pharmacy, dimethyltryptamine is not available on prescription from a doctor. But what would the Internet be if it did not offer a remedy?

Buy Changa in Darknet

Relatively pure dimethyltryptamine (DMT, also called Changa) could be bought online only in the Darknet. Some call Changa pure dimethyltryptamine hydrochloride. However, the vast majority of people prefer Changa to herbs on which synthetic dimethyltryptamine has been sprayed, so that the active ingredient content is about 50%.

If you know the right Darknet addresses, you can buy all kinds of drugs like LSD, cannabis, ecstasy, cocaine and so on. The purity is much higher than on the usual black market, while at the same time the prices are at least halved. All intermediate dealers, who otherwise raise the price and lower the quality by means of stretch fabrics, are no longer required.

As the following screenshot shows, concentrated DMT alias Changa in Darknet costs about 50 Euro per gram depending on the amount purchased:

buy dmt darknet

In order to buy Changa in Darknet, many consumers proceed as follows:

1.) Open an account with

2.) Under "Deposit" click on "Generate Bitcoin address" (is a long code of numbers and letters)

3.) Deposit real money at Virwox (e.g. by Paysafecard, Paypal, credit card, bank transfer, etc.)

4.) Now you get "Linden-Dollar" (SLL) and click on "BTC/SLL" in the left menu under "change". Here you exchange the desired amount in Bitcoin and thus own very anonymously bought Bitcoins!

5.) Install TOR-Browser now (only with this anonymous browser you can get into Darknet)

6.) Start TOR-Browser and click on the best and biggest drug market place

7.) Just use Google for current adresses (we don’t link to Darknet, sorry)

8.) Register there and transfer the required Bitcoins from the Virwox account to the Bitcoin address of your Darknet account (namely to the new exclusive Bitcoin address consisting of numbers and letters that you receive after registering in the Darknet portal).

9.) There you go. Now you could buy Changa on the biggest darknet portal and get it sent home by mail. But beware: Please do not commit any illegal acts and only act in accordance with the law – so inform yourself beforehand about the respective legal situation!

However, the use of the darknet to buy DMT in the form of Changa is not necessary at all. You can get it in the normal online drug shop from abroad in the EU in the form of plants. So why stress out and buy Changa in the Darknet?!

Buy DMT as Ayahuasca

Buying pharmaceutical pure DMT would probably only work with sufficient connection to chemical laboratory assistants or research institutes of the pharmaceutical industry. And which one of us could say the same? Maybe you’re lucky in Darknet, but even there it won’t be in pure form. However, there is a much easier and more traditional way to buy and take DMT: the shamanic drink called "Ayahuasca":

buy ayahuasca as dmtDimethyltryptamine, by far the most incomparable drug, has been used by the Amazon Indians for thousands of years. Indigenous tribes of Latin America use them for ritual, ceremonial purposes. Their shamans produce a brew called "Ayahuasca" by
means of 2 different plants from the jungle, which evokes visions, prophecies and spontaneous healings by the DMT drug contained. In fact, in our research we have even found a testimonial where someone claims to have been cured of his cancer!

But buying DMT through ayahuasca doesn’t turn out to be easy. One cannot take this substance spontaneously orally and hope for an effect. Since the body could not effectively absorb dimethyltryptamine without an additional MAO inhibitor, one would never feel the fabulous effect without further action (unless one smokes or snuffs it through the nose, but then it only seems very short, but very pronounced – more below). Therefore, for "correct" consumption, the strongest possible oral variant is a plant or root or bark containing the active ingredient DMT. On the other hand, a second plant has to be purchased which, as an MAO inhibitor, enables the dimethyltryptamine to become effective in the body. Only when these two components are combined, the ayahuasca and after drinking produce a long lasting trip of very deep experience.

Here you have the choice between several plant parts. Because there are various naturally occurring materials that contain the dimethyltryptamine drug and also several suitable MAO inhibitors for its release. In the Smartshop you can buy all necessary ingredients at a reasonable price.

3 common compositions for ayahuasca exist (the recipes can be found in our article "Buying ayahuasca"):

  • Classical Ayahuasca of the Amazon Shamans: Psychotria viridis (DMT) and Banisteriopsis caapi (MAO inhibitor)
  • Easiest Ayahuasca to prepare: Mimosa hostilis (DMT) and Peganum harmala (MAO inhibitor)
  • Another original Ayahuasca variant from the Amazon jungle: Diplopterys cabrerana or Chaliponga (DMT) Banisteriopsis caapi (MAO inhibitor)

=> all these ingredients can be bought here cheaply (the minimum order quantities are sufficient on average for the preparation of 5 ayahuasca portions)

Depending on the ingredients ordered, it must be prepared according to a different Ayahuasca recipe. In principle, however, the procedure is always the same: the DMT plant material is put into a cooking pot with the MAO-inhibiting plant material. In it you boil it with some lemon juice or vinegar (the acid causes a better separation of the active substance from the starting material) and a lot of water over many hours on a low flame. The exact instructions for each recipe can be found in our detailed Ayahuasca treatise, which we have linked above.

ayahuascaPicture: Traditional production of Ayahuasca

So you see, if you want to buy DMT, you have to bear some burdens and take some preparation on yourself. At least in the form of Ayahuasca you can’t "just throw in" the drug and get drunk with it spontaneously. This sacred substance even requires days of preparation in the form of the famous Ayahuasca diet. In order to allow the dimethyltryptamine to work as well as possible, you should refrain from using any stimulants for 5 to 14 days. That is, no nicotine, alcohol or other drugs, no coffee, no salt and sugar etc. may be eaten. Only certain foodstuffs may be consumed. Several days before the trip the consumer even fasts completely. According to shamans, this is the only way to experience the full cleansing effect.

If you now want to buy DMT as a Western socialised person and have decided to buy Ayahuasca, such a diet will be difficult for many people. But an empty stomach is important for an optimal effect! At least on the day of consumption you should consequently not eat anything at all.

Although dimethyltryptamine has been classified as an illegal drug by lawmakers and therefore cannot be legally purchased in its pure form, the mere possession of the ayahuasca components is usually not prohibited (depends on the country). Only when the purchased substances are brought together and cooked for the purpose of intoxication does it become illegal.

Whether the shamanic brew Ayahuasca is at all a classical drug in the hedonistic sense can be doubted. Consumers unanimously report an incredible experience. They often had the most intense, memorable experience of their entire lives with DMT! Just read all the ayahuasca testimonials. There the consumers report partly even of the potential to free mankind from its evilness and to heal with it! That divine, unconditional love for all being is the key to happiness is what many users say after this "rush experience" and regard as a key insight. Purchased ayahuasca will certainly not have the same intense experience as a diet made by Amazon shamans and lasting several days. However, this path is the only possibility for people coming from outside the rainforest.

Before we finish this section, let us mention one more importance: Ayahuasca very often leads to vomiting. However, this is not regarded as reprehensible, but quite the opposite as purification. With the DMT drug, the body repels anything negative and pukes it into the environment, according to the shamans. Users report how they have literally noticed that bad thoughts and behavior patterns have materialized to be transported out of the body by vomiting. Shamans use this property to heal their patients and free them from severe illness.

There would be infinitely more to write about ayahuasca – besides dimethyltryptamine the drink also contains other alkaloids, which are responsible for the probably most violent experience a person can have.

Buy alternative DMT as "Legal High" (4-AcO-DMT)

Besides the natural path of Ayahuasca, DMT can also be bought synthetically as 4-AcO-DMT, a so-called "legal high":

buy 4-aco-dmt

Legal Highs are designer drugs that are chemically based on classic drugs such as marijuana ("smoking mixture"), party drugs such as ecstasy pills (MDMA) and amphetamine ("bath salts") or psychoactive psychedelics (1P-LSD, AL-LAD, ETH-LAD, 2C-E e.g.) and therefore have an almost identical or identical effect.

From a structural-chemical point of view, however, such research chemicals (RC) count as independent substances and must therefore first be purchased in a fundamentally legal manner until they are specifically covered and prohibited by law. After synthetic cannabinoids, resourceful chemists have also tinkered with the possibility of buying the drug DMT and producing dimethyltryptamine as "Legal High RC". The result was the Research Chemical with the scientific name "4-AcO-DMT", which already carries the DMT drug in its name and has a similar effect. A field report writes:

"In meditative silence, together with my companion, I was immersed in depths I had never experienced before. And I’m pretty experienced!" [more trip reports of this substance can be found in the article below]

In the linked Smartshop you can buy this drug as synthetic DMT in the form of 2 pills. However, it may not currently be possible to order it in the country of your choice.

Besides ayahuasca, it is the only way to consume dimethyltryptamine orally. Even if it doesn’t come close to the original, of course, you get a good insight into the effect. Read the experience reports in the Drug-Online-Shop under the product – the customers are highly enthusiastic. Therefore this substance belongs to the top 3 bestsellers of the hallucinogenic "Legal Highs"!

Buy DMT-containing plants

There are various DMT-containing plants that can be bought legally in most countries – provided they are not intended to be used as a smoke experience. However, the drug dimethyltryptamine from such a plant alone is not yet fully effective. Only by adding another plant as MAO inhibitor can such plants unfold their full potential through oral consumption.

buy dmtHowever, they can also be smoked individually or consumed nasally, AFTER you extracted the DMT out of it. Otherwise you cannot smoke the drug, because natural plants contain less DMT Mimosa Hostilis contains only 0.5% dimethyltryptamine, the highest amount of active ingredient. So at a dosage of 20mg you would have to inhale at least 4g of Mimosa root bark at once – almost impossible! That means without extracting it you would not have any effect by smoking!

Also here the NN-Dimethyltryptamine intoxication is very violent and exceeds everything usual so far. However, it lasts only about 15 minutes (while smoking) to 60 minutes (while nasal consumption), instead of 8 hours or longer as with Ayahuasca. Although it sounds simple, it’s not the fastest way to buy DMT and get to know it. Because you have to extract the active ingredient from the plant before smoking or sniffing. This is quite simple (see instructions below) and must be done beforehand. Plants contain too little dimethyltryptamine to smoke the plant material pure. Hence the necessary extraction of the active ingredient.

Mimosa hostilis is the most popular plant because of its favourable and high active ingredient content. Therefore: If DMT smoke, then only Mimosa or Yopo seeds, which must be prepared before!

The following is a clear list of all known DMT plants to buy online in a price comparison:

Image DMT-containing plant Content Price Buy this
Vorschaubild mimosa hostilis kaufen Mimosa Hostilis 50 g 12,50 € Buy here
Vorschaubild yopo samen kaufen mit 5-meo-dmt Yopo seed
(also contains a lot of 5-MEO-DMT)
10 g 5,95 € Buy here
Vorschaubild psychotria viridis kaufen Psychotria Viridis 50 g 12,50 € Buy here
Vorschaubild virola kaufen Virola Bark 50 g 8,90 € Buy here
Vorschaubild chaliponga kaufen Diplopterys Cabrerana 50 g 12,50 € Buy here
Here is an overview of all DMT-containing plants

How to consume the drug for each plant species is described in detail in the shop link on the respective product page. Information on dosage is enclosed with the order or can also be obtained from customer service. Normally, however, they are used either as an ayahuasca ingredient or as the basis for an extract. Due to the individual active substance content (as is usual with natural drugs), you should approach the effect yourself, starting with small dosages.

Buy 5-MeO-DMT

If you also want to buy the chemically closely related tryptamine 5-MeO-DMT, this is best done with the Yopo seeds of the plant called Anadenanthera peregrina. Yopo seeds cost only a few euros:

buy 5-meo-dmt yopoDepending on the desired intensity of the effect, 1 to 4 seeds per person are sufficient. This amount of 5-MeO-DMT causes a strong hallucinogenic intoxication and corresponds to a usual dosage (is less visual than dimethyltryptamine and has a more mental-psychedelic effect). The usual form of consumption is sniffing, i.e. the nasal form of application, but can also be smoked. Yopo seeds must also be specially prepared before consumption.

The substance 5-MeO-DMT is also found in the agac toad, which is why some people scrape off the mucus of this animal, let it dry and then smoke it. This cruelty to animals must be condemned decisively, as Yopo seeds contain enough 5-MeO-DMT to intoxicate and are quite easy to order online. Their effect is quite different from that of dimethyltryptamine. Some consumers describe it as "intellectual", as perspective-changing in comparison. In any case a very popular if less known hallucinogen. So 5-MeO-DMT consumers usually buy Yopo seeds from Yopo, which they then treat with a special treatment before consumption. Otherwise they cause nausea and appear less severe.

Making and Extracting DMT (Tutorial – Instruction Guide)

To want to produce pharmaceutically pure DMT yourself borders on madness – if you are not a chemist or laboratory assistant with experience, you can’t even get close to the raw materials, let alone handle the laboratory equipment.

But trying to extract the drug DMT from dimethyltryptamine-containing plant parts with a relatively high degree of purity is relatively easy. Usually Mimosa hostilis is used as the starting material. That’s the way to smoke it. Since you would need too high a quantity of plants for smoking, you have to extract the DMT from the plant if you want to smoke it – there’s no other way!

The following is a simple guide to DMT extraction:

The DMT drug (Dimethyltryptamine)

Where to buy the DMT at which shop and order it online would have been clear to us. However, please always observe the laws of your country before purchasing and consuming them!

In the following sections we deal with the DMT drug alias "dimethyltryptamine" and chemically correct even "N,N-dimethyltryptamine" and its other aspects. For example, in terms of effect, forms of consumption, experience reports, extraction and so on.

dmt structureFigure: Chemical structural formula of dimethyltryptamine

Pharmacologically, the DMT drug belongs to the group of tryptamine alkaloids and occurs in nature in some plants and animals as well as in humans in the organism. It can also be consumed as an externally supplied drug, for example by sniffing it nasally through the nose (yopo seeds), injecting it into the veins (as fumarate, the salt of fumaric acid), smoking it as a freebase (or plant material) or simply taking it orally as ayahuasca, for example. Since this drug is degraded very quickly by the body, a longer lasting dimethyltryptamine trip is only possible by taking an additional MAO inhibitor. The other forms of consumption lead to a rather short state of intoxication, which is nevertheless characterized by an unbelievable intensity.

The following is a very informative video about this extraordinary substance:

The effect of DMT

The DMT effect is unparalleled in the world of drugs, but only lasts for a short time without MAO inhibitors consumed at the same time or does not trigger any effect at all when consumed orally. No known drug resembles the hallucinogenic, spiritual depth of dimethyltryptamine in any way. The effect may still be described somehow with magic mushrooms or LSD, which were taken together with Salvia divinorum. But this is only a weak, barely drawable comparison.

The DMT effect cannot really be described in words. It is one of the most intense experiences a human individual can ever have! Therefore, it is certainly not a party drug or suitable for fast intoxication in between.

dmt effectIn Ayahuasca in particular, dimethyltryptamine unfolds its almost unbelievable effect in the greatest potency, since other tryptamines act as close relatives and the effect lasts for hours. If the psilocybin in psychoactive fungi represents an escalator to the expansion of consciousness of the human spirit, then the effect of the DMT drug would be a rocket racing almost at the speed of light! Depending on the set and setting, this machine works and unfolds either in a pleasant direction and can lead the test person into paradisiacal spheres of heavenly beings, even enabling communication with deceased relatives. Or the infernal device is heading directly towards purgatory and confronts the consumer with terrible beings of demon-like form.

The latter effect is rare, but this kind of horror trip has to be honestly considered as a possible effect component. That’s why this drug is only for experienced psychonauts. Someone who has never taken psychedelics like hallucinogenic mushrooms or LSA seeds in his life will simply knock out the dimethyltryptamine effect – and not necessarily in the positive sense of the word if the dose is too high!

Orally consumed as ayahuasca, the physical effect of DMT often manifests itself in vomiting, nausea and sometimes diarrhoea. However, the Amazon shamans consider this very useful and beneficial, as they interpret it as a signal to empty the body of all kinds of adversities. Therefore, this mode of action is partly consciously brought about by them in the composition of the brew.

If you would still want to put the DMT effect into words, you would get the following picture

  • Strongest hallucinations of all colours -> mythical creatures appear and talk to you, objects speak or become animals, environment is experienced as a fantasy world, morphing and changing things, … (more alive than LSD effect)
  • General immersion in bizarre worlds beyond the local imagination
  • Happiness and euphoria (but not guaranteed as with the MDMA effect)
  • Astral Journey -> the spirit or soul detaches itself from the body and floats away into unknown dimensions.
  • near-death experience (similar to astral travel) and communication with souls of deceased relatives
  • Experiencing deep spiritual truths about being and the cosmos, philosophical insights
  • In-depth insight into the cause of one’s own problems and illnesses
  • Healing of mental problems of many years, partly also of physical suffering
  • Complete ego-resolution
  • Entheogenic effect (feeling that everything is one and that one is also part of this unity of God)
  • "Meet God" and feel divinity
  • Seeing the aura of people
  • Physical effect: increase of pulse and blood pressure, dilation of pupils, vomiting and nausea for the purpose of internal cleansing.
  • Possible negative effect (rather rare): anxiety and panic attack up to a horror trip

Statistics also show that bad experiences are an exception:

dmt statisticIt is interesting to note that the DMT drug surprisingly does not develop tolerance like psilocybin (psilocin), mescaline, ibogaine, cannabis and other psychedelic drugs! Why this is the case has not yet been scientifically established. A similar effect can also be observed with the LSD effect, which according to Dr. Shulgin should not build up any significant tolerance.

In addition: Dimethyltryptamine should only be consumed by experienced psychonauts or established personalities because of its strong effect. Unstable characters with mental difficulties better leave it alone without shamanic accompaniment. It is also recommended to be present with a Tripsitter. This should of course be sober, in order to be able to intervene if necessary or to be able to talk well. Ultimately, the DMT effect is probably the highest rung on the ladder of psychoactive experiences.

Smoke DMT

Besides oral intake by ayahuasca, DMT smoking is one of the most common applications of dimethyltryptamine. The effect is quite fast, but only lasts for a short time. The effect of smoking starts after only a few seconds! The duration of action, however, is only about 10 to 20 minutes. The normal dose for this is 10mg. If you sniff the dimethyltryptamine through your nose, it will work for 40 to 60 minutes.

If you want to smoke the drug DMT, you should buy Mimosa hostilis and extract it. In the Smartshop it costs only a few cents per consumer unit and the order is enough for many trips.

The big disadvantage of smoking: The plant cannot be smoked on its own, but the active ingredient must be extracted beforehand (see instructions above)! Otherwise it will not work, because otherwise not enough active substance would be absorbed. You also need a scale that can weigh exactly in the milligram range, since the dosage for smoking is in this range (between 5 and 50 milligrams).

For smoking you take a bong or a purple pipe. To prevent it from falling through the sieve, fill the pipe bowl with some ash and put the DMT on it. An important aspect of this form of consumption is that the hot flame of the lighter is only brought so close to the DMT that it melts. The steam dissolving in this way is then inhaled. Otherwise the heat of the flame destroys the molecule because it has a very low melting point. So smoking requires some practice. A vaporizer with a temperature of 150 to 180 degrees Celsius is best suited for this purpose.

The drug enters the bloodstream very quickly through smoking and attacks the consumer within seconds with a violent trip, the effect of which, however, is only short-lived. The intensity of this experience represents one of the most violent states of mind a human being can experience.

dmt-report-experienceRecently, according to media reports, there has been an increasing trend in the USA to remove dimethyltryptamine from even the psychoactive aga toad and smoke it because of its potent effect! Your mucous membrane produces 5-MeO-DMT as a highly effective defence poison in addition to other substances. Allegedly, even entire farms where Aga toads were bred for drug abuse could be found by the police. Consumers scrape off the Changa-containing secretion of the "drug toad", let it dry and then smoke the DMT as a drug in the pipe. Completely meaningless cruelty to animals and unfortunately an excellent reason for the authorities to be able to prohibit the evil dimethyltryptamine with good arguments.

The dosage of DMT

The DMT dosing is quite difficult, because first of all it only takes place in the milligram range and therefore an extra scale is needed. And secondly, the determination of the exact dose would only be possible with a pure starting material or only if one knew how high the degree of purity of the substance to be consumed was. This is the case with all natural drugs.

The general DMT dosage is as follows:

  • Smoking: Here the sources diverge. Most sources (for example, Erowid) speak of 5 to 10mg for a light dose, 20 to 40mg for a normal dose, and over 40 to 60mg for a dimension transgression.
  • Sniffing (nasal consumption): 20 to 50mg (normal dose), everything above this has an extremely strong effect.
  • Oral consumption: 30 to 150mg

For the drug 5-MEO-DMT, the usual dosage is much lower:

  • Smoking: 6 to 20mg
  • Coryza: 6 to 12mg
  • Intravenous (injection): 2 to 3mg

Determination of the dose:

Since one does not know the exact active substance content of his self-produced extract, one must approach the optimal dose very carefully. Therefore you need a milligram scale in any case. This one weighs a few milligrams and smokes it. In this way, the potency of the extract can gradually be better assessed.

DMT experiences and trip reports

For many users, a DMT experience often represents a fundamental break in their own thinking and experience. According to numerous reports, the drug’s long-acting ayahuasca in particular causes effects bordering on miracle cures. In the following we have collected several experiences as DMT trip reports and experience reports and introduce them to you. Due to the usually gigantic text length of a trip report, we have shortened it to the core in order to present it pointedly. This was indicated by square brackets […], as well as any own comments in the experience reports.

First of all a picture gallery of consumers who tried to describe the effect:

DMT Experience with Ayahuasca

The most intense DMT experience of the drug dimethyltryptamine can only be made with the help of the shamanic drink "Ayahuasca". According to Dr. Wolfgang Himmelbauer, it is one of the greatest teachers on the planet:

"Ayahuasca is not a drug. It is not an addict. In the Amazon region they already take small children as medicine. But in it there is a tremendous potential for healing and awareness. “

Below are two experience reports of this effect:

1st DMT experience report with Ayahuasca:


After each participant had choked down a glass of this tea (no, it wasn’t delicious, but if you want to trip you have to suffer) you danced and sang in anticipation of a fascinating effect. Slowly, an effect actually set in, but quite weakly. The priests also seemed to have noticed this, soon the congregation was allowed to grab the next bottle of this swill to finally feel something like a rush.

This intoxication then set in pretty quickly, one feels happiness and contentment with MDMA, this tea filled me with the deepest feeling of peace I have ever experienced in my whole life! I suddenly didn’t even care about the religious fuss, so that I could fully concentrate on myself and the music. The 20 or so people present merged into a whole and were immersed in this mad feeling of peace and unity and continued to sing and dance.

A few hours later I woke up as if from a dream (with aching feet) and I still remember this trip very much today, even though I am sure that the dose was far below what was possible (the priests gave themselves about three times what we ignorant people were allowed to take).

2nd DMT Experience Report with Ayahuasca:

My conclusion [of the dimethyltryptamine experience]:

I think it is good for me that I have dared and made this journey to myself.


I found the trance itself uniquely positive, beautiful, detached from everything and at the same time connected with everything: with nature, my dreams & desires, with my inner "power animal", with my old soul, my past and future. Detached from time and space.

[The consumer participated in an ayahuasca ceremony in Peru]

The smoking ritual, the ayahuasca brew itself and the urge of my body to get rid of all the bad things in it was also the most violent thing I have ever experienced in this way. However, the physical emptying of the body should also be accompanied by the emptying of the mind.

DMT trip reports from 4-AcO-DMT

The drug DMT can also be bought as a synthetic derivative called 4-AcO-DMT with a similar effect. In the following we have compiled short trip reports of the buyers from the shop:

  1. Highly recommended. Beginners should definitely start with a half.
    Advanced players can confidently reach for a whole one. But note the Santa clause: Never more than two hermits!
    Within the first 30 minutes very intense music and colour perception.
    After about an hour and intensive channelling of thoughts contact into the other world, breathing walls, mandalas form, energy exchange, light change, entities and absolute, crystal clear philosophical insights.
  2. In meditative silence, together with my companion, I was immersed in depths that I have never experienced before. And I’m pretty experienced!
  3. Children, don’t imitate them! I have some experience on mushrooms, but this Sh*t here, wow, they are really strong! Among the mushrooms I had with the Hawaiians the most beautiful and intense moments, but these pills do that again to top. Absolutely gross. At a metal concert two of the pills […] and then it went off, but how, but how!!! Mr. Kaleun, that’s when all the locks were opened. Optics without end, where mushrooms are rather soft-drawing, there the pills are additionally still with colour amplifier and the speed is crass.
  4. Well, I ordered six in a minute. And two all at once consumed, whereby already 20mg should be clearly noticeable. It started to work after an hour and after a short, somewhat violent bodyload there was a washing process that was so ingenious. You felt so good, had a mind fuck and very nice optics, which I had until now only with 1P-LSD.

DMT trip reports from smoking

In this DMT trip report the reporting man Mimosa hostilis smokes:

I wanted a really strong trip, so I recklessly put 180mg DMT in the smoke pipe – in the afternoon I did, but I only had failing weak lighters and postponed it to the evening.

Then in the evening I sat down with the whole load and took a really thick breath, left inside and no more visible steam blown out. Then I started the second breath and it already started, a morphing and blinking everywhere, and suddenly a voice that said twice "as if it would still do any good now…", then another nasty laugh afterwards (meant was the second breath at the pipe), and then the blinking became simply overwhelming and suddenly the reality disappeared or "I" had lost contact with it, it was just the pure "beige" everywhere.

There was nothing to distinguish, I had no individual senses, it was just the pure beige (my term for it, that was the only thing I could perceive "there").
Then I suddenly knew basic terms again, could define and name individual ones and was again in a blinking colorful sea that still completely overlaid my perception.

I just had this urgent need to be satisfied with an object nearby, that was my main priority (it was thirst, and I was looking for the bottle), so I just waved my arms blind in the colorful chaos, and when I got them to grab, it was like an anchor back.
I could see the bottle all at once (before not), and then also the smoke pipe in the other hand, there I was grounded for the time being again.
After that I experienced for 20-30 minutes a colour intensification that swelled on and off, while I told other people about it online, deeply impressed by what I had just experienced.
information: the DMT base came from the root bark of Mimosa hostilis.

The first time Dimethyltryptamine – Experience report:

Now a DMT field report in which the consumer took dimethyltryptamine for the first time. He smoked it as a synthetic drug.

It was purely synthetic material (looked a bit like good amphetamine) and the guy warned me impressively. He said there’s only one life before, and one life after. And he was damn right about that.
We smoked
it in a little water bottle, first me, then him.
I pulled the pipe, I felt the smoke in my lungs. Then there was a cut and I was immersed in a world full of the most brutal hallucinations and sensory illusions – whether with my eyes closed or open.

That was about 20 minutes, unresponsive, totally out of order. You have no sense of time or other sensations during this time, only these ultra-brutal hallucinations. As I was told, I trembled, fluttered my eyes and more or less "whined". When I came back to myself the worst was over but the head of my buddy is fused with the cloth hanging behind him on the wall. Dark red dots in motion – everywhere.

Personal conclusion: Of course I am afraid of serious and painful illnesses. But at the very end everyone will just fall asleep in an incredible flash. I’m not afraid of death anymore!

Experience as a horror trip:

The experience of this drug can also be perceived completely negatively, we do not want to gloss over or glorify anything! Just as with an LSD experience as a horror trip, dimethyltryptamine can also open up unpleasant horizons of experience with bad sets and settings. The following DMT trip report is about a near-death experience that the affected person perceived as extremely disturbing – a classic DMT horror trip:

So I sat on the bed and inhaled 20mg [the first time ever] from the bong, as I was told I was held in the lungs and then exhaled. The first millisecond I thought it was still not working, then I let myself fall back and it started.

The first thing I saw was a wobbling, spinning psychedelic pattern. With small green white black patterns, which were in a geometric arrangement, but were in motion.


Suddenly I realized I was trapped. A cold, clear intelligence told me without words, something like "Now it’s too late, you’re trapped forever, in an eternal cycle, a short circuit in the brain."

I realized that I had taken something that I couldn’t undo, and what kept me trapped in an eternal repetition, it was a situation like 12 Monkeys, Matrix, Inception or whatever science fiction horror.


I wasn’t me anymore, I didn’t know who I was and that I was alive, I WAS, nothing else. Trapped for all time in a cold room. Like a rat in the lab.


I panicked, I was desperate like never before in my life, I WAS despair, I WAS panic.


At some point, when I could not measure the time, the effect must have subsided, and I realized that I had tried DMT, that it came from it.

Comment on this: It seems that the effect of this drug in smoked form tends towards negative experiences rather than Ayawaska. Dimethyltryptamine also floods very quickly during smoking, you hardly have time to adjust to it. The trip passes quickly, but it also hits unexpectedly strong.

Addendum: This assessment does not seem to confirm scientific evidence. In a large-scale study, over 70% said they had never had a bath trip while smoking DMT:

dmt statisticOrder DMT safely

Ordering high purity DMT is not really possible, as it is only produced in laboratories and is not available from the classic drug dealer. Or have you ever seen this drug on your ticker in the assortment to buy? At the most you could find it in Darknet. Instead one can buy it as described above in the form of the said Ayahuasca or as Legal Highs in pill form of an almost identical acting derivative.

Anyone who wants to order DMT as Ayahuasca does not commit a crime in most countries anyway – so this option is safe. Only when the dimethyltryptamine-containing plant parts of the kit are mixed together in the cooking pot for the purpose of consumption would one be liable to prosecution (the same applies to mescaline, the main drug in the "drug cactus").

However, since no police drug dog can smell the DMT drug at customs, it is safe to order it regardless of the legal situation. And because of the European Union and its freedom of trade, there are no more borders, so that even ordered parcels are not checked across borders. Maximum small samples by means of dog take place, which does not start however as mentioned, since never on this drug trains.

Thousands of customers order their DMT and other natural drugs such as magic mushrooms (magic truffles, magic truffles, magic mushrooms), kanna (as extract), iboga root bark, kava kava, laughing gas in the online smartshop, Salvia divinorum (the legendary Aztec sage), CBD oil, hemp seeds, Hawaiian baby woodrose, funnel winch, marihuanilla (as a grass substitute), poison lettuce and the like have been regulars for 15 years now and are always highly satisfied.

If you are still paranoid, you can use the following security measures to buy DMT safely:

  1. Security fanatics don’t order it to their own home address. Instead, they politely and friendly ask a trustworthy buddy who takes care of the dimethyltryptamine order for them. In this way their data do not end up in any database, although the customer data in the liberal drug country Holland is of course very secure in principle.
  2. In addition, they do not order DMT themselves, but commission the said buddy to order it again. He then buys the drug and pays for it himself via online banking. Optionally you can also pay the ordered Dimethyltryptamin via cash in an envelope by sending the money to the shop by mail. This method requires prior consultation with the Magic Mushrooms Shop ! The anonymous purchase via Bitcoin is also possible.
  3. After all, you should keep your feet still during and even more so after ordering! Just because you know where you can buy DMT doesn’t mean that this information should be trumpeted in world history! Even in the circle of friends one keeps better covered. Whoever is your friend today could be your enemy tomorrow and tell on you as a drug user.
  4. The best thing, of course, is not to consume anything in the first place! On the one hand, we discourage all drug use anyway and promote a clean life. On the other hand, dimethyltryptamine is banned in most countries and its acquisition would be illegal depending on the legislation. Therefore we strongly advise against ordering DMT. It would be forbidden and outrageous to break the law and not obey it! Who does that?! Better research yourself which legal regulations this drug is subject to in your country and only act as the law dictates! We expressly do not encourage anybody to break the law.

Is it legal to buy and order Dimethyltryptamine?

Is it really legal to want to buy and order dimethyltryptamine? Yes and no. To buy the synthetically produced drug DMT in its pure form would be illegal in most countries because dimethyltryptamine is subject to the Narcotics Law. Therefore one cannot order also simply times so in the Internet somewhere this highly effective substance, except naturally in the Darknet.

Legally it looks different when buying dimethyltryptamine via Ayahuasca (in most countries at least). The individual plant parts of the components belonging to the ayahuasca brew are legal to buy. Only when they are mixed and boiled up, a forbidden act is committed. Therefore, one could legally order dimethyltryptamine as a complete ayahuasca package, as described above. Other plants including this powerful substance are also subject to this mechanism. They are legal as long as they are not abused for consumption.

However, we would like to stress once again that we do not encourage or encourage anyone to buy, order or even take dimethyltryptamine! Please pay due attention to the legislation of your country and do not break the law. Researches the current legal situation (often changes in drug issues) yourself. In the best case, lead a drug-free life and seek addiction therapy if you do not have your consumption under control. By the way, the iboga root is supposed to bring about true miracle cures of drug addicts and all other mental problems. You’re welcome to read about the subject.

Summary: Buy DMT, effect and experiences

Finally, we’d like to summarize the most important part of this article on "Buying DMT" and once again make it clear that we strongly advise against ordering and supplying the drug DMT. If you want to do it, most people do it with Ayahuasca, Mimosa hostilis, Yopo seeds or the mentioned Legal High. It must always be prepared, either as a drink as with Ayahuasca or as an extract for smoking. Only the Legal High variant in the form of the 4-AcO-DMT is suitable for immediate consumption.

Just because you can legally buy dimethyltryptamine, for example with a shamanic brew, doesn’t mean you can legally consume it! Their consumption is and remains illegal in almost all countries of the world, although in theory one can legally order dimethyltryptamine as a plant. This may seem paradoxical, but that’s the situation.

We appeal in every conceivable way not to buy DMT and certainly not to consume it! Dimethyltryptamine can cause severe psychotic disorders and psychological inconvenience when susceptible to mental distortions if the consumer is not yet ready for the DMT effect. Besides, it’s basically an illegal drug. Please do not under any circumstances break the laws of your current country of residence and research them yourself beforehand in order to find out the latest status of the legal situation! And if you can’t keep your hands off it, at least research in which country it would be legal and consume it there under the supervision of a shaman.

Even experienced consumers shy away from this drug because it is not a party drug because of its intensity or because it would be harmless. Anyone who wants to smoke DMT experiences the effect all the more intensively because it occurs immediately – even if only briefly. Safer use means taking the drug dimethyltryptamine responsibly. Only in a more pleasant atmosphere with the right people and undisturbed by harmful environmental influences. A trip sitter should always accompany the trip.

Ultimately, every living being must decide for itself about its fate and condition. We neither moralize nor glorify this drug. We inform as neutrally as possible and advise in case of doubt to absolutely not consume dimethyltryptamine and other drugs (including alcohol and tobacco!). If you do not wish to comply: Before consuming and buying DMT, please at least consult the current laws of your country and do not contravene them.

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