Buy Ayahuasca – Effects, Experiences & Other Interesting Facts

Yes it still works: you can buy ayahuasca and order it online from here. Thanks to the Internet, the sale of Ayahuasca is also uncomplicated outside of the Netherlands.

What there is to consider with this unique hallucinogen everything, why you always need 2 ingredients, which sales shop is the best and how to prepare the Yagé correctly as tea, you will learn in this article.

(Note: This text was written by non-native speakers. We apologize for any inaccuracies in speech. The content wa scarefully researched and written down on the basis of scientific sources. It will be a great help to you! We have worked for a long time to compile all necessary knowledge of this topic in only one article.)

In addition, we also provide comprehensive information about the intoxicating and healing effects of Ayahuasca, list various testimonials and show what you absolutely have to pay attention to when consuming (keyword recipes, preparation, dosage, diet, rituals, etc.).

The most important thing for many is mentioned first:

In the shop "Avalonmagicplants" you can buy the ingredients for Ayahuasca in a serious, reliable and very cheap way. Unfortunately, nowhere else can you buy complete packages like in the past. Therefore you have to order both ayahuasca components (DMT plant + MAO inhibitor plant) separately online.

We recommend buying the following 2 ingredients for Ayahuasca:

  • 50g Mimosa Hostilis root bark 12,50 € (as DMT plant, contains the active substance)
  • 25g Peganum Harmala seeds 6,95 € (as MAO inhibitor, allows the body the oral intake of DMT)
    => this minimum order quantity is enough for 5 people, the recipe for it is very simple and can be found further down in the article (is very easy to cook and the cheapest total package)

Buy Ayahuasca – Price comparison

Buying Ayahuasca is only possible thanks to our great European member state called the Netherlands. Because local online shops sell the ingredients in almost every country in the world.

Even if the individual components of this sacral drug are legal almost everywhere, it is a kind of "grey zone". Ayahuasca always consists of 2 components (DMT plant + MAO inhibitor), which are no longer legal until they are joined together by cooking.

In the following we have listed these ayahuasca ingredients for convenient online buying as a clear price comparison table in the form of the 4 most popular recipes. The information always refers to the minimum order quantity, which is sufficient for several preparations.

Buy ayahuasca here:

Image Ayahuasca Contents & Ingredients Price Sale
Vorschaubild psychotria viridis kaufen Classical Ayahuasca of the Shamans 50g Psychotria viridis (DMT) 12,50 € Buy here
Vorschaubild banisteriopsis caapi kaufen 100g Banisteriopsis caapi (MAO inhibitor) 16,95 € Buy here
Vorschaubild mimosa hostilis kaufen Cheapest and simplest Ayahuasca variant 50g Mimosa hostilis (DMT) 12,50 € Buy here
Vorschaubild steppenraute kaufen peganum harmala 25g Peganum harmala (MAO inhibitor) 6,95 € Buy here
Vorschaubild chaliponga kaufen Also a classic Ayahuasca variant from the jungle 50g Diplopterys cabrerana alias Chaliponga (DMT) 12,50 € Buy here
Vorschaubild banisteriopsis caapi kaufen 100g Banisteriopsis caapi (MAO inhibitor) 16,95 € Buy here
Vorschaubild mimosa hostilis kaufen Mimosa version of the classic version 50g Mimosa hostilis (DMT) 12,50 € Buy here
Vorschaubild banisteriopsis caapi kaufen 100g Banisteriopsis caapi (MAO inhibitor) 16,95 € Buy here
Vorschaubild digitalwaage zur dosierung Digital scale
(0,1 – 500g)
A precision balance is indispensable to weigh the ingredients to the gram! 14,70 € Buy
Vorschaubild 4-aco-dmt kaufen als Legal Highs Ayahuasca Alternative 2 pills with the active ingredient 4-AcO-DMT; they have a very similar effect and are regarded as a popular alternative without complex preparation 28,90 € Buy
vorschaubild allgemein für mushroom growkit pilz growbox 15g Magic mushrooms Magic mushrooms are also similar in their effect, but much gentler. 9,50 € Buy
Vorschaubild 1p-lsd kaufen als Legal Highs 2x LSD Legal LSD that looks exactly like the original due to almost chemical uniformity 23,90 € Buy
buy cannabis online as minipic 3g Cannabis Synthetic cannabinoids cause an effect that is stronger than the original. 28,90 € Buy
Selling prices: minor changes may occur over time.

Ayahuasca (also called "Yagé") always consists partly of plant parts which contain the alkaloid active substances. And on the other hand, it consists of a plant that makes the effect of these ingredients possible only in the body through MAO inhibitors. And you always have to prepare both ingredients fresh on the stove in the pot to drink it. You can’t buy it as a pre-brewed drink for immediate consumption. Whoever claims that or offers it for sale is lying!

In the past, when buying ayahuasca, it was recommended to order a finished kit. In this all necessary parts were present exactly dosed and only had to be boiled up. Unfortunately, the sale of these kits is no longer possible even in drug-liberal Holland. Therefore you now have to order both components separately online. Of course you need a good scale, because the ingredients to buy are enough for several people and you only need a part of it yourself. So if you don’t have a balance at home yet, buy one too!

Those who buy more ingredients in large quantities pay significantly less. Ayahuasca is not a celebratory drug, but a shamanic remedy that changes our consciousness – below in the reports people even tell us about their cancer healing! It should therefore not be consumed in between, but always with caution.

The following Ayahuasca ingredients can also be consumed individually with a noticeable effect – see the product description in the respective link. Also here applies: buy higher quantities means price discount. There are many more possible recipes and combinations, and we have listed the most common ones above.

Buy more Ayahuasca Ingredients:

Image Ayahuasca Ingredient Content Price Sale
vorschaubild zum extrakt kaufen im shop querbeet Various extracts, tinctures, resins, HCL, freebases etc.
(B. caapi, P. harmala, etc.)
from 6,95 € Buy
Vorschaubild virola kaufen Virola Bark
(contains DMT and some MAO inhibitors!)
50g 8,90 € Buy
Vorschaubild mimosa hostilis kaufen Mimosa Hostilis
(contains DMT)
50g 12,50 € Buy
Vorschaubild steppenraute kaufen peganum harmala Peganum Harmala Seed
(contains MAO inhibitor)
25g 6,95 € Buy
Vorschaubild psychotria viridis kaufen Psychotria Viridis
(contains DMT)
50g 12,50 € Buy
Vorschaubild banisteriopsis caapi kaufen Banisteriopsis Caapi
(contains MAO inhibitor)
100g 16,95 € Buy
Vorschaubild chaliponga kaufen Diplopterys Cabrerana
(contains DMT)
50g 12,50 € Buy
Further Ayahuasca ingredients are available for sale in the linked shop.

Especially the different extracts and plant resins will be of great interest for advanced psychonauts. They enable a faster working process during preparation and the safe handling of high dosages. Beginners please simply use the original recipes without extracts and hydrochlorides, the handling of the original plants is considered safe.

4-AcO-DMT: buy effective ayahuasca alternative

For some time it has been possible to buy the ayahuasca alternative 4-AcO-DMT. This synthetic DMT derivative is comparable, but slightly softer. This makes it possible to get to know the effect without having to prepare the brew.

You can buy it cheap here:

In most countries the sale of this hallucinogenic substance is even completely legal! The effect lies approximately between magic mushrooms and DMT. It can be handled quite well and is especially suitable for beginners. The state of intoxication is relatively well controllable and can be classified as mild. However, it does not have the cleansing, healing properties of ayahuasca. Also, the hallucinations are not quite as strong and intense. For the very first experience in this field an excellent choice!

Things to know about buying Ayahuasca

Buying ayahuasca in our latitudes has only been possible for a short time. For thousands of years, the yage was known only to South American shamans from the Amazon region as an intoxicating drink (tea) and its production was a well-kept secret. In the course of the Internet success wave, this knowledge also sloshed into the broad masses of the Western culture. There one found fast pleasing at the singular effect and also in the west Yage meetings were held. Through the internet you can even buy Ayahuasca today as a European without having to make an expensive trip to Peru to see a shaman! Such ritual trips cost for a week about 800 to 1500 dollars without airfare. There one can have it here also substantially more favorably locally ; – )

But be aware that ayahuasca tea is not a fun drug! Consuming yage at a party would be quite naive and extremely immature. Many experience reports speak of the fact that the consumer was allowed to experience a "godlike experience". It seems to make some kind of spiritual connection to the divine. Yage is in principle a body and mind cleansing, healing shamanic drink. Simply buying ayahuasca online to abuse it for hedonistic purposes will almost certainly be a disaster! The yage must be treated, prepared and taken with respect. At best one fasts also before consuming the tea – this is the so-called "Ayahuasca diet". Everything important but still in the course of the article (see below).

Picture: Traditional production of Ayahuasca in the rainforest

A small obstacle to the sale of Ayahuasca in almost every country in the world except Holland is the legal situation (not necessarily illegal, but also not legal to buy – see below). Nevertheless, you can easily order Ayahuasca online and have it delivered to almost any country in the world. This is possible because the above-mentioned Dutch smartshop and industry leader has been shipping such biodrugs in a very sophisticated way for many years. He sends the Yage and other drugs very inconspicuously and discreetly as well as briskly over several channels.

Sold products from this shop almost always arrive at the recipient! Thanks to the European Union, there are no longer any explicit customs controls. Only now and then does a drug dog randomly walk past ordered shipments. Since these were not trained on natural drugs, one can buy Ayahuasca without problems and order it at home. Thousands of satisfied customers have been buying psychoactive plants without problems in the online drugstore for over 15 years. The fact that we can buy ayahuasca is due solely to the great and accommodating Holland in drug matters and to the free movement of goods within the EU!

Unfortunately, the pure ingredient DMT (more detailed description and pharmacological effect can be read below) of this drug is not legal in many countries, but also not explicitly prohibited. It is often a "grey area", even when selling – see Wikipedia. Nevertheless, as a European one cannot buy ayahuasca outside the Dutch online shop, but had to alternatively book a trip to Peru or South America to the shaman until some time ago.

Recently, more and more yage sessions have been offered in European cities, either semi-legally or rather illegally. These spiritual self-discovery seminars are usually held with several people over one or more days and accompanied by a kind of "therapist". The prices for such Ayahuasca seminars are several hundred Euros. Buying and preparing it yourself is therefore much cheaper. In the lower part of this essay we deal in detail with such ethnobotanical seminar offers in European metropolitan regions. One could alternatively fly to an indigenous ritual in South America. Without flight costs such a genuine ceremony costs an average of 1000 dollars for one week.

Ayahuasca effect 4Image: Many users describe the effect as the picture shows – geometrical patterns all over the world

Not everyone wants to make such personal experiences in the presence of several strangers. Normally such seminars are booked by between 10 and 30 people. Apart from the high price, this does not prevent a few psychonauts from participating – who wants to share the perhaps most important experience in their life with strangers? Therefore, buying ayahuasca is a popular option for more introverted souls. But also here it would be advisable to have a close friend Tripsitter with you! The latter himself remains absolutely sober and can thus speak well in case of discomfort or intervene in some other way.

In contrast to other psychedelic drugs, consumption cannot simply be carried out like this. This drug is very special. This is shown by the fact that you have to buy at least two different plants and cook them. The manufacturing process therefore takes a few hours. It’s hard to wake up in the morning and decide: "Oh, now I’m going to have a dose of yage tea first! Apart from the infantility underlying this attitude, the preparation takes some time and, above all, the necessary knowledge. The online ordering of Ayahuasca represents one side, to prepare it properly the other. Later in the text we go into this in more detail and explain the preparation and production as a shamanic drink.

In the following a super interessting video to the topic:

First of all it is important to know that you can buy Ayahuasca in the Dutch Smartshop and that it is not a singular drug. As briefly indicated, you have to buy at least two or more different plant parts or roots in order to make real Yage tea and consume it effectively. The reason for this is that the active substance of the DMT group would be broken down too quickly by the body in oral consumption, so that no effect is felt. Therefore you have to buy another plant besides the one containing DMT to consume the yage correctly. This is a so-called MAO inhibitor. Put simply, the MAO inhibitor causes the DMT active ingredient from the other plant to degrade at a slower rate and thus enter the bloodstream. Only then can the famous effect occur at all! So we learn that buying ayahuasca always requires at least two different parts and a longer preparation.

Ayahuasca sale – what is the best shop?

To close the chapter of the sale, I would like to mention the best Ayahuasca shop: AVALON! Because again and again curious people ask themselves which Ayahuasca shop sells the best quality. The answer to this question must clearly be this Dutch Smartshop. There will probably also be other online drug shops on the market. Nevertheless, most of them buy only in this shop. Here the prices are the cheapest and the quality the highest.

Not without reason this sales shop catapulted itself in the course of the last years to the absolute point in whole Europe! All inhabitants of our continent who want to buy serious Ayahuasca order it in this originally pure Magic Mushroom Shop. Why buy somewhere else? The motto is: "Never change a winning team".  In addition, we would only recommend an ayahuasca shop, the sale of which we have successfully tested ourselves. We don’t want to denigrate other shops, but we can only talk about positive experiences from there. All acquaintances and friends we know buy biogenic drugs in this shop. And this for many years, always highly satisfied. This shop simply sells reliably high quality, has all goods in stock, is almost never sold out and very quickly delivers the orders home. So why look for another salesman?!

Is the sale of ayahuasca legal?

Whether the purchase and sale of Ayahuasca is legal depends entirely on its condition and, of course, the respective country. In general we are in a grey area. The active substance DMT is subject to the German Narcotics Law (Betäubungsmittelgesetz), but anyone who buys it for the sole purpose of botanical self-study as a plant material without intoxication usually acts legally.

It becomes an illegal drug when it is sold and taken for consumption. In plain language, this means that the sale of ayahuasca in its mere components is usually legal. However, the moment you brew it into a drink, it becomes a no longer legal drug. This grey area is probably also responsible for the fact that you normally do not see it in a local online shop for sale. The same is known from the Mexican cactus, whose cactus drug mescaline is also subject to the narcotics law, but is legally available for breeding.

Buy ayahuasca as ready-kit

Ayahuasca used to be sold by some shops as a ready-made kit. It already contained all the necessary components for exactly one person in the correct dosage. All you had to do was make it yourself as tea. For legal reasons, however, this sale no longer offers a shop. Therefore you have to buy both parts of the plant separately. A good balance is absolutely necessary to weigh the correct dose! It is best to order them in the shop at the same time, one needs them anyway from time to time as a psychonaut.

It would be more than annoying if you put so much time into the simmering preparation and in the end you got the wrong dosage. As a consequence one would feel no effect and would have taken all the trouble on oneself in vain. Therefore, it is better to do everything right when making a purchase and not to make an uncertain attempt at will. Since in most cases only relatively large quantities of ayahuasca plants are available for sale, one cannot avoid shopping for several people at once. Either one consumes it alone in several sessions over several months, or one delights one’s fellow men with it.

Preparation of ayahuasca recipes

We are not aware of any drug that must be prepared for consumption in the same way as ayahuasca. There are various recipes and preparations including various instructions on the Internet. In our article "Ayahuasca recipes" we have collected the best of them. It contains detailed instructions as well as dosage information etc.:


In the end, the preparation is always very similar: In principle, the components (MAO inhibitor plant + DMT plant) weighed beforehand using a scale are placed in a saucepan with sufficient water. It is best to add an acid, preferably vinegar (this dissolves the active ingredients better). Then simmer it on a low heat for a while. Pour off the brew, collect it and add new water to the plant parts. You do that three times. At the end you have a lot of brown brew, which you slowly boil down on a low flame until you have a drinkable amount of about 1 large cup.

For the popular Ayahuasca recipe Mimosa hostilis and Peganum harmala (Syrian Steppe Rue) the preparation would be done according to the following instructions:

Materials needed for 1 person:

  • 9 grams Mimosa hostilis root bark (contains the active ingredient DMT)
  • 3 grams of Peganum harmala seed (sometimes called Syrian steppe rue; acts as an MAO inhibitor to release the active ingredient DMT into the body)
  • cider vinegar or lemon juice if necessary
  • Water
  • Pots (important: after made of Teflon or Alumium, but only use stainless steel pots!)

Preparation of the Ayahuasca recipe:

  • Put 300 ml water together with mimosa and acid into a saucepan. Put the pot on the stove.
  • Heat the stove. Wait till it starts cooking. Now let the mixture boil for 3 minutes. Then we minimize the heat so that it no longer boils. At this lower temperature, we’ll leave it there for five minutes.
  • With a narrow sieve or a cotton cloth (old T-shirt for example) we filter out the plant material and pour the liquid into a new container.
  • The plant parts still contain enough active ingredient. So we put them back in the pot, add water and repeat the previous steps another 2 times.
  • Pour the remaining liquids into a large saucepan and cook very slowly on a low flame until only a small amount is left that fits into a cup.
  • For consumption, the Peganum harmala seeds are now ground (e.g. with a coffee grinder or mortar) and then drunk with water. 15 minutes later you drink the cup with the DMT active ingredient afterwards.

As an alternative to cooking, you could also extract the DMT and smoke it afterwards. However, it is advisable to first get to know DMT by means of Ayahuasca. Here is the really very simple guide to extraction:

Extract DMT: A Simple Guide

The Effect of Ayahuasca

In this chapter, we will comprehensively address the various aspects of the ayahuasca effect. This includes the effect on the mind, on the body as well as long-term effects and the exact active ingredients. The results of scientific studies will also be included.

For the impatient, we have summarized the main ayahuasca effect in advance as follows:

  • Very strong optical hallucinations (CEVs closed-eye-visuals & OEVs open-eye-visuals) and phenomena such as bright colors, pulsating color games, distorted spatial perception, glimpses of fictitious beings (animals, humans, mythical creatures) or objects (plants, etc), geometric patterns on surfaces – just "very trippy"!
  • Acoustic hallucinations such as hearing the "divine voice" or communicating with relatives who have died, for example.
  • Fundamental insights and visions about oneself and the cosmos (one of the main effects and characteristics of this healing drug!)
  • This makes self-healing effects possible (such as addictions, compulsions or psychological disorders such as depression – some also want to have their cancer defeated, see below the chapter "Ayahuasca experience reports"). A certain form of physical and mental purification takes place. Many people only buy Ayahuasca because of it!
  • Psychedelic experience (emergence of the subconscious, "opening of the soul")
  • Near-death experience possible (the "soul" leaves the body and can travel in other dimensions or the universe)
  • Feelings of bliss, cognition, knowledge, the feeling of the "All Whole" (Entheogen) – in very rare cases fears or discomfort (usually lasts only a short time and is supposed to serve the healing)
  • Physically, the Ayahuasca effect almost always occurs with vomiting – according to shamans, the consumer vomits his badness with it and pushes it away as part of the cleansing process (this nausea usually lasts only a short time, as well as dizziness).
  • Further effects and symptoms can be found in the corresponding chapters more

In the following we describe all aspects of the effect in detail.

 ayahuasca experienceImage: This is how consumers illustrate their experience as an artistic image.

General information about the Ayahuasca effect

The hallucinogenic effect of ayahuasca is one of the strongest intoxication states in the world! It was originally used as a shamanic remedy and still fulfils this function today. Many consumers experience a kind of inner purification, some even want to have their cancer defeated. In any case, one should approach this hallucinogenic drug with great respect. No fear, but healthy respect! It is also essential that you have not eaten anything for the whole day – otherwise the effect cannot occur in all its glory or sometimes not at all.

The ayahuasca effect then appears slowly after a quarter of an hour to 60 minutes after consumption. The duration of the trip, which then begins and is accompanied by many hallucinations, is approximately 6 hours. At least however 2 hours – depending upon dosage and individual constitution. Under certain circumstances, however, the intoxication can last 12 hours or longer. As a rule, however, the worst is over after 6 to 8 hours.

The noise is characterized first and foremost by optical and acoustic "hallucinations". The quotation marks are due to the fact that modern (Western-influenced) science recognizes the sensory impressions of drug-induced states of consciousness read purely fictitiously. In truth however (at least according to the opinion of the indigenous users, who have known this healing drug for thousands of years) man opens gates through the ayahuasca effect into dimensions that would otherwise remain closed to him. Whether these merely concern one’s own subconscious or expose objective levels of being, remains to be seen. Either way, the consumer collects enormous, very personal impressions and insights. These often concern his life and his challenges or mental problems. It is therefore also used specifically to cure addictions or mental illnesses, for example. Quite a few consumers buy Ayahuasca precisely to achieve this healing effect!

Such experiences are accompanied by an enormous change in sensory perception. These hallucinations usually occur in optical form, in which, for example, this sensory field sees bright colours, blurred forms, patterns or even unknown entities. Hearing can lead to communication with such entities, such as deceased family members. These experiences are strongly reminiscent of near-death experiences. And indeed, some Yage consumers leave their bodies and go on extra-worldly journeys. It is very difficult to describe the entire spectrum of action. It just spreads out very broadly and is individually quite different. However, below we will describe the most important Ayahuasca effects on body and mind in more detail. Trip reports provide a deeper understanding of the effects of this sacral drug. These can then be viewed below in the article.

Basically, one has to know that the main active substance called DMT (dimethyltryptamine, also known as "God’s molecule") cannot be absorbed by the human body during oral consumption (e.g. drinking). Although it works most violently and longest (and also most healingly), you need a second substance for it. These are so-called MAO inhibitors. To put it simply, these substances mean that the body is able to absorb the active substance DMT in the first place and process it effectively in noise. Both components occur in different plants. For this reason you need at least 2 plant parts to produce this drug. So most people bought ayahuasca earlier than a finished package. Here the shop has already made the dosage and selection, so you only have to boil and prepare it. Nowadays you have to do it yourself, but that’s not a problem.

Dr. Christian Rätsch, a drug researcher, also states that if the effect is reduced, it is possible to stimulate those with a little alcohol consumption, since the active substance DMT then undergoes another short-term "revival". However, beginners should not be advised against such experiments! Only experienced psychonauts can engage in such an adventure after having gained sufficient experience with this substance. The first Ayahuasca-Trip will be so resounding in its effect anyway, that you hardly feel the need for a refreshment. The collected impressions and insights are too urgent, too stunning!

Ayahuasca effect on the mind

The ayahuasca effect on the mind will be presented in the following as an overview. Afterwards further explanations on the psychological aspect of the Ayuasca effect are given. Then we concentrate on the physical effect.

  • Open-Eye-Visuals (OEV) – visualizations induced by the drug (hallucinations) in open eyes. Many hallucinogens unfold this when only in high doses and otherwise "only" offer CEVs. Ayahuasca, on the other hand, usually causes extremely strong hallucinations! This can begin rather weakly than suddenly appearing light rays and brightly shining or even running colors or geometric patterns (in pulsating or changing form). In the course of the experience, fictitious entities such as animals, spirits, deceased ancestors, geographically distant friends and similar figures can also emerge. These are experienced as so clear and real that they are perceived and accepted as part of the reality. Sometimes they even communicate with you. Some claim that this drug opens doors to dimensions and worlds that would otherwise remain closed – but science helplessly calls it "fictitious hallucinations".
  • Closed eye visuals (CEV) – visualizations and hallucinations with closed eyes. First and foremost, this includes colour patterns. But also inner pictures and sceneries can appear, which one observes like in a cinema film. Partly you dive into this CEV world like in a computer game and maneuver in it as a guiding being.
  • Acoustic hallucinations can also occur. These include, for example, hearing foreign voices speaking to you. But sometimes you also see the speaker(s) as an identifiable being and start a conversation with them. Cosmic sounds or harmonious tones are also reported.
  • Fundamental knowledge and insights into the nature of things are essential for the Ayahuasca effect. This applies both to one’s own personality and to great cosmic or world-historical contexts. The origin and the commonality of the religions are seen or also those of illness, death or bliss. Many things suddenly appear very clear and distinct, are seen for the first time from a new, the supposedly correct, light.
  • Through this insightful point of view, many consumers experience a cure for a wide variety of ailments. Drug addictions are said to have been cured as well as obsessive-compulsive disorders, depression, chronic diseases and even cancer. Many people buy ayahuasca mainly for this reason!
  • Generally a deep psychedelic experience takes place. This means that the soul opens up and things hidden deep in the subconscious come to the surface or can be processed.
  • Entheogenic experience – the consumer gets the feeling of "all unity" and feels himself as part of the "all whole". This spiritual feeling causes great satisfaction, joy of heart and inner peace. It seems as if one has just experienced and lived through a large part of the last great divine truth. An experience that can hardly be put into words! It is not for nothing that the main active ingredient called DMT is also called a "molecule of God".
  • Usually the trip is accompanied by a great joy and satisfaction. The insights that are obtained feel right and promise inner growth even after the Ayahuasca experience. You are happy to surrender to what you have experienced and let yourself drift. However, many moments of experience cannot be consciously remembered in retrospect, but subconsciously they have a lasting effect.
  • Visionary experience – the consumer gets insights into the (possible) future or gets other visions revealed. The Amazon shamans, for example, recognize the cause of diseases in their patients and can thus help.
  • Astral journeys and near-death experiences are possible. The soul detaches itself from the body so to speak and can travel around in other dimensions or worlds. In this way, for example, one comes into contact with deceased relatives or travels through the solar system or visits other planets. This is usually deliberately influenced and controllable by one’s own mind.
  • Even if it occurs only very rarely, the effect can also be partially or predominantly negative (although one will also grow from it). In such a case, the consumer becomes anxious, sees negative beings and can experience a real horror trip. In reality, this hardly happens with Ayahuasca – anyway, such experiences also occur very rarely with other hallucinogens and are a popular legend to frighten the curious by making a scare.

The hallucinogenic alkaloids of the plant (especially DMT and 5-MEO-DMT) unfold their full effect only when combined with MAO inhibitors of another plant – so you always have to prepare at least two different substances and drink them as a drink. Basically, the Ayahuasca effect belongs to the most intense psychedelic experience in the field of natural drugs! To compare the effect with other psychedelics like magic mushrooms would not do justice to the reality. If Magic Mushrooms were the bicycle into the psychedelic world, Ayahuasca would probably be a kind of airplane.

The ayahuasca effect can generally be described as a dream-like scenery in which the consumer enters. Very strong optical hallucinations accompany every trip. These manifest themselves, for example, in abstract geometric forms, patterns and pulsating colours. But often strange beings are also perceived, for example as embodiments of God, animals, angels, mythical creatures or even demons. With such gods or godlike beings there is sometimes also a communication in which these entities talk to the user about personal things. Deep insights into one’s own behaviour and the causes of personal problems often reveal themselves – a typical effect. That is why many people buy Ayahuasca because of this experience, which is then purposefully brought about, in order to investigate the deeper causes of their own patterns of thought and behaviour and to develop solutions to problems.

A further effect exists in particular at higher dose in an experience perceived as an astral journey. The consumer separates his soul from the physical body and travels in dimensions and times that were previously hidden from him. He can suddenly fly, travel to other planets or worlds and sometimes even look into the future or talk to the dead.

Further various Ayahuasca effects are described. Mostly they are described as a kind of deep spiritual experience of God. But Yage is always very different in its effect from consumer to consumer, probably even more different than hallucinogenic fungi for example. Below you will find various experiences as trip reports to read.

However, experienced psychonauts report a more controllable effect with Ayahuasca tea than with other psychedelic substances. While one feels with psilocybin-containing mushrooms and Meskalin cacti for example rather on an approaching energy waves, which one has to accept so, one can dominate the Yage effect better. If, for example, one feels bad, the body vomits and often frees itself. That’s why horror trips are the exception. In any case, horror trips are part of the effects of hallucinogenic drugs, but in reality, even with the LSD experience, they occur only rarely – unlike the bloodthirsty media want to sell us.

For example, when the German Pro7 presenter Joachim Winterscheidt had taken "Joko" Ayahuasca in the South American rainforest in Ecuador with a shaman in a typical ritual, he experienced the trip as not pleasant. Subsequently, our quality media headlined ridiculous headlines about the alleged danger of this healing drug such as: "Ayahuasca: So dangerous is the drug that Joko swallowed on TV".

Pure bullshit! And we don’t usually put words like that in our mouths. But here it hits the nail on the head. The Ayahuasca effect has been an integral part of the indigenous culture of many peoples of Latin America for thousands of years. But when hedonistic Europeans want to abuse this spiritual tool as an ecstasy-like party drug, they naturally wonder about the "curious" effect. Ayahuasca is something highly intimate, personal – and not an experience that should be accompanied by a camera team.

By the way, according to Wikipedia, researchers have found a very interesting aspect in the investigation of this drug: Long-term consumers of this drink had a more stable personality and a better memory than the control group of the study.

Ayahuasca effect on the body

The ayahuasca effect on the human body depends on the dose and state of intoxication. One of the most common physical effects is vomiting. However, this is to be interpreted as an important component of the cleaning process. Yage is supposed to purify body and mind, so the body vomits from toxins and possibly other spiritually materialized badness. An Ayahuasca overdose is therefore also virtually impossible or not harmful. One cannot die from it – even if some travellers experience their own death as a near-death experience, the body cannot die from an Ayahuasca overdose. Apart from severe nausea and deep, trance-like sleep, an overdose would have no physical effect whatsoever.

Another Ayahuasca effect of a physical nature would also be sweating, which can sometimes be experienced as very pronounced. In addition, there is a slight increase in blood pressure and a slightly faster pulse. However, dizziness and chills can also occur as perceived cold showers. In addition, diarrhoea occasionally occurs as a side effect.

In addition, another remarkable effect of Ayahuascatee is the preservation of the physical musculoskeletal system as far as possible. This means that the consumer normally retains control over his motor abilities, i.e. he does not have to crawl on all fours like in alcoholic intoxication or would even be unable to move. Of course you should still stay over the trip and avoid situations where coordinated movements are essential for survival (e.g. on the street).

A physical dependence on Ayahuasca tea is not known. It must also be denied that it is intended to be addictive. Such psychedelic experiences are not feasible on a daily basis. On the one hand this would be too exhausting for the psyche. And on the other hand, the tolerance would increase very quickly, so that after a very short time no real effect would be discernible or one would get used to the effect.

However, one should not buy ayahuasca hastily just because there seem to be no negative aspects. Because there are! Just like every psychedelic, the yage tea also contains the danger of the development of a drug psychosis. Therefore, mentally unstable and non-adult people should not consume it.

ayahuasca effect

Scientific study on long-term effects

A scientific study by western researchers on the curative effect of ayahuasca on moderate long-term consumption has revealed astonishing results. The following is a quote from the source mentioned below:

The scientific investigation was conducted by the psychiatrist Charles Grob, the University of California [UDV], Los Angeles, and the ethnobotanist Dennis McKenna from the Heffter Research Institute. She’s the first to test the toxicity of the substance.

Grob’s team, which included pharmacologist James Callaway of Finland, psychiatrist Rick Strassman of the University of New Mexico, and a group of Brazilian researchers, examined 15 male members of the Uniao do Vegetal, a religious movement that, like the Santo Daime religion, is based on the common intake of ayahuasca. All participants have been active members of a church community on the Amazon in Brazil for at least ten years.

The tea is ritually drunk at least twice a month. The ceremonies include speeches by a priest (or Mestre) and songs praising the beauty of nature. Members of the UDV never take ayahuasca outside the rituals. The Church demands strict abstinence from all other intoxicants, including tobacco.

The members were subjected to a comprehensive series of biomedical, neuropsychological and personality tests together with a comparison control group of 15 men who do not consume yage.

There were no adverse effects. Rather, most of the test subjects showed an excellent state of health, which they attributed to the ritual use of the drug.

Many reported many personal problems before joining the UDV, including depression, anxiety and substance abuse, especially alcohol. They described their state of mind at that time as impulsive, disrespectful, angry, irresponsible and unsuccessful.

All 15 subjects of the UDV thought that their experience with the ritual intake of ayahuasca had "had a profound effect on their lives," according to the study.

They generally assume that their first experience was transformative in character, showing nightmarish scenes of misery and self-destruction that would befall them if they continued their lives. Over time, they changed lifestyles and the images became more positive.

Active ingredients in yage tea

The effect of yage tea can be traced back to numerous different active ingredients, of which the tryptamines around the DMT drug are the most important. Basically, the mechanism of action is the following: Since the body cannot process DMT during oral consumption, it needs so-called MAO inhibitors. These ensure that the body can also metabolise the existing DMT. Therefore you also need 2 different plants for the tea. The result is the known effect.

Herewith a complete list of all known active ingredients of the Yage tea:

  • Dimethyltryptamine (DMT can be bought and smoked also pure)
  • 5-MeO-DMT
  • harmine
  • DMT-NO
  • tetrahydroharmine
  • acetylnorharmine
  • bufotenin
  • N-methyltryptamine
  • harmalol
  • harminamide
  • methyl harminate
  • harmic acid
  • harmin N-oxide
  • harmalin
  • harmol
  • 2-Methyl-1,2,3,4-tetrahydro-ß-carboline (or in short simply "2-MTHBC")
  • d4-5-MeO-DMT
  • harmalic acid
  • 6-methoxytryptamine
  • Banistenosid A and Banistenosid B
  • Shihunin
  • tetrahydronorharmine
  • Dihydroshihunin and finally
  • ketotetrahydronorharmine

(random order)

Pictures of the Ayahuasca effect

In theory, we have now adequately discussed the ayahuasca effect. Often, however, pictures say more than a thousand words. Therefore we would like to list in the following a collection of pictures illustrating the trip in its effect. All these give a small insight into this then experienced world. They come from consumers and therefore report first-hand:

The duration of action of Ayahuasca

As mentioned above, the duration of action of Ayahuasca is between 2 and 6 hours. After 8 hours at the latest, however, the effect should have almost completely faded away. If one reads through the different experience reports (also through the English trip reports) in the net, then one discovers a duration of effect of on average 4 to 6 hours, in which the main event takes place.

The next day you should be completely sober and clear in your head at the latest after sleeping. Of course, what you have experienced must be processed, but it does not continue to work for days as it does with iboga. But iboga is also said to have an even stronger healing effect than yage tea! 80% of all heroin addicts should be relieved of their addiction after only one application with iboga.

According to Dr. Christian Rätsch one could increase the duration of action of Ayahuasca by drinking some alcohol towards the end of the trip. He recommends whiskey. However, this should only be done as an experienced consumer, as mixed consumption is generally risky.


There are different information about the dosage of Ayahuasca in the literature as well as in the net. In the past, you could buy a ready-made ayahuasca kit. So you could be sure that you would achieve an optimal dosage for one person. The dosage also depends essentially on the quality and type of plants used. Depending on the raw material used, a different quantity is estimated here. More details can be found in the chapter "Recipes". It contains the most frequent and most tested quantities.

To illustrate the extent to which the dosage data diverge, the following is compared. The ethnobotanist Jonathan Ott states as a dosage recommendation for Ayahuasca that 160mg harmalin (as MAO inhibitor) and 60mg DMT (as actual active substance) would have a strong psychedelic effect. Experience reports from users of, on the other hand, speak of 300mg harmalin and 300mg DMT for a standard experience.

Even if these dosage data were correct, one would still face a major problem. How can these two substances be reliably present in such a quantity? The plants containing them would have to be extracted in the laboratory and the purity of the active substances would then have to be examined in detail in order to ensure this. It is sufficient to rely on the general dosage recommendations for plant quantities.

Consumption – what needs to be considered!

One important thing to keep in mind when consuming Ayahuasca! Because the plant parts that contain MAO inhibitors can sometimes have negative to lethal effects on the body. This is the case if you have taken other substances and substances such as drugs (e.g. antidepressants, SSRI, …) or certain foods without knowing it. In this case it can lead to serious complications. You can easily find such a list of substances, which must not be consumed in connection with the MAO-Inhibitors of the Yage, here on the Internet.

Otherwise it is important to know that one should drink this shamanic drink only on an empty stomach. Otherwise the ayahuasca effect will hardly unfold or not at all and one would have bought it for free and also prepared it elaborately. If it tastes too disgusting to you, you can hold your nose. This would make consumption easier to bear, but the taste is clearly based on personal experience. It is recommended not to eat anything at all and only to drink water during the whole day! The genuine rituals even require several days of fasting. Here, many substances and substances (such as sugar or all intoxicants, including cigarettes and coffee) are avoided. This should prepare the body and mind as much as possible for the psychedelic journey. Surely the effect can be maximized in this way, but in Western culture it is difficult to maintain and not absolutely necessary. See also the chapter on ritual and the special Ayahuasca diet.

In addition there is the warning against Ayahuasca mixed consumption! Under no circumstances – and certainly not as a newcomer or first-time consumer – should you take alcohol or other drugs together with ayahuasca in mixed consumption. This not only falsifies or ruins the effect, but can also have health-critical consequences. There should always be a trip-sitter. This is a person to whom you fully trust and who remains completely sober himself.

Ayahuasca Ritual and Ceremony with Special Diet

A "real" Ayahuasca ritual can only be performed by a trained shaman. Such a shamanic education takes many years, not infrequently decades and traditionally takes place in the living environment of the Amazon Indians. There the Ayahuasca ceremony is a firmly anchored ritual and has been practiced for thousands of years.

The "Encyclopaedia of Psychoactive Plants" written by ethnobotanist and plant expert Dr. Christian Raetsch contains an interesting anecdote about the discovery of this drug. After all, someone must have had the idea of making ayahuasca tea. Legend has it that the Yage spirit revealed itself most of all:

" A long time ago, an outstanding hunter lived in the rainforest. One day, far from his home, he heard a liana speaking to him. The hunter, who knew a lot about how to prepare poisons for hunting from roots, bark and seeds, knew about the power of plants. He returned home with his new find. The following night he had a dream, in which the spirit of the liana explained to him how to prepare a brew with her, with which many different illnesses could be healed. «

A traditional Ayahuasca ritual is planned and performed by a competent shaman for days in many details. This includes the careful collection of the required Yage plant parts and roots or bark. Meanwhile, the consumer practices fasting for days on end and thus prepares his body and mind separately for this experience. This is the so-called "Ayahuasca diet". For a few days, one renounces certain foods (sugar, salt, .. ) and all psychoactive drugs, including coffee, cigarettes, etc..

Before the tea consumption the Yage shaman gives a speech and asks for divine assistance. In the course of the effect different chants are then intoned. Doctor Raetsch offers an exact description of the ritual of the Shipibo Indians on his website or in his book. When buying ayahuasca on one’s own authority, such an elaborate procedure is unlikely to be accomplished. However, it is important to have an empty stomach and no medication etc. intus. In addition, you should only shop in a shop that sells good quality.

Travel to Peru and South America

Nowadays there is a growing trend to be part of such an ancient Ayahuasca ritual. The searchers travel to the countries of origin Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and the surrounding area.  Such an Ayahuasca trip takes a few days and costs a lot, but it can be done by hand. The offer of "kapitari" should be mentioned as an example:

There a travel stay for a traditional Ayahuasca ritual lasts about 7 days and costs 800 dollars (about 750 euros). The pure duration of the ritual is 4 days! One notices, the Yage shamans take the drug there much more seriously than we do it here overseas (at least concerning preparation like diet, fasting etc.).

Alternatively, you can of course simply buy ayahuasca and take it on your own. Of course the price is much lower. Anyway, if you’ve just travelled in such a country and are planning to try Yage, you could seize the opportunity right away.

Ayahuasca experiences and trip reports

Herewith some selected Ayahuasca experiences are summarized as experience reports ("trip reports"). Some reports are also completely reproduced. We mostly only extracted the most important moments from our point of view and distilled them out, so to speak, as in the preparation of Yage. Most reports come from consumers who have purchased ayahuasca through online sales or performed a ceremony with the shaman.

Whether one can even speak of an "Ayahuasca Trip" is very questionable. As almost all experiences report, it doesn’t look like a classic drug as a trip. Ayahuasca rather functions as a spiritual remedy. A field report even tells us that he could only defeat his cancer tumor with it! Not a few write that one could heal the whole humanity from its horror with this. You see, in the Ayahuasca effect there is an incredible deep potential of healing and self-knowledge.

Omissions in the reports are marked with square brackets […] due to their sometimes long length. Highlighting in bold type by us.

Ayahuasca experience as a complete trip report:

From the Eve-and-Rave-Forum a user reports very vividly about his Ayahuasca experience and the effect of this substance. By the way, he made this experience with a shaman. This is how he describes his trip report:

"Well, it’s been almost two weeks now. I agreed to do an ayahuascar ritual. A week before I had started to eat less and lighter, renounced alcohol and looked something at my body. I had not had a psychedelic experience for four months now and was looking forward to the Yage. I didn’t know it yet and didn’t really know what to expect. I had already read and heard a lot about it and now I would experience it myself.

The last two days I hadn’t eaten anything and was quite hungry when I was on my way to the ritual place.  At the station I was picked up by some people who were also supposed to write a report.

Arriving at the place of the ritual, there were some misunderstandings, because the room did not meet all expectations. About 25 people were supposed to take part in the ritual and some were already waiting in front of the house.

The setting was as follows. In
a large room everyone lay/sat in a circle on a parquet floor. There was a small toilet in this room. A staircase led to a kind of backyard which was bordered on one side by a kind of allotment garden in which there was a carriage with two more toilets.

The set was good, I was a bit nervous, hungry (quite intoxicated by it) and unfortunately not quite fit (probably a bit too little eaten).

The shaman greeted us and told us about the Ayahuasca before the ceremony started.  The ceremony was like this:

The shaman first spoke to the ayahuasca, smoked over it with a bundle of twigs and did something with a crystal and a musical instrument that looked like a fan of dry leaves.
Then he asked the participants to come to him individually. He measured a portion, spoke to that portion and then gave it to the person.
I was the first, I slipped over the floor to him and drank the thick, dark brown brew. It tasted better than I had expected, barely bitter, and it was especially tasty in Kakau.

When the distribution ceremony was about halfway through, I noticed a change in perception in the first singals. A warm pulsating sensation spread to my stomach area and the meaning of optical and acoustic signals began to change gradually.

Soon I was disturbed by the bright light in the room. The intoxication was in a way similar to a mushroom trip beginning, but something was quite different.
When the ceremony was almost finished, the effect began. My optics had changed fundamentally. Not like LSD or mushrooms, it was much more subtle, but still very strong.

My thoughts began to spin like in a fever dream.
My stomach complained. In general, the body was very present through all the intoxication. It wasn’t nasty for me, but my mangen was able to contract and my psyche behaved similarly. It was neither pleasant nor psychedelic, in the strict sense. The person who had gotten her yage after me already started to visit the toilet. I waited.
Finally everyone got their yage, soon the light was turned off and the shaman started singing and making music.

I was relieved, but at the same time the ayahuasca put on a gear.
It had me completely under its spell now. What happened now is very difficult to describe. It was as if my soul had been soaked with cleanser. My consciousness was full of foam and dirt drifted to the surface all the time. It was very unpleasant. The darkest sides of me drifted past me. I had my eyes closed, opening them was out of the question. The CEVs were not structured, it looked like grey-colored Cottage Chese, mixed with my feverish thoughts.

Then my stomach came back. I went down the stairs into the yard to the bathroom. I had no desire to go to the upper toilet, because most of the participants were still waiting for their intoxication and I felt very naked and somehow out of place. When I was in the bathroom, it was always the same. First "negative" things came to my mind, then a psychedelic process took place, whereupon my stomach contracted and I vomited. I vomited a few times. After that I wanted to smoke a cigarette, but after two draughts the cigarette made me sick and I went back to the toilet instead.

After that I went back into the room and triped lying in front of me while listening to the shaman’s singing and music. The music was the massive driver of the trip. Now my CEVs were overwhelming. Harmoniously flowing patterns in waves, mixed with the images of my thoughts. But I was still in a bad way.
I paused and told the Ayahuaca that I was not well and that I was tired, promised to be considerate.
Then I had to go to the toilet again, this time it came out on both sides, luckily I had a plastic bag with me. I would
never have thought that after eating so little, you still had so much material in your digestive tract.

Finally, I vomited dry, black powder. I had never seen anything like it in my life and I knew that "it" was now outside.
Now I felt relaxed and very comfortable.
I went back to my mat and enjoyed the rest of the intoxication.
Now the CEVs were quiet and very pleasant. I watched as a small snake came loose from
the background of my visuals. It got bigger and bigger and it shimmered in all colours. I knew it was the ayahuasca. I thanked the snake, although until then it was actually very exhausting and unpleasant. The snake came up to me and ate me up, I must have fallen asleep, because that’s the last thing I remember.

I dreamed very vividly and when I woke up the next morning I felt like I was born again.
I knew this feeling of having showered psychically from some other plants and mushrooms. But with ayahuasca it was very strong.

Since then I have noticed many times and on various occasions that I am much fresher again and that all the psychosludge has been washed away.
It did very well. I’ll probably take ayahuasca again.
The actual effect of the plants was more or less hidden in the body. The time after the trip taught me more about Ayahuasca than the trip itself, because then I was mainly busy with ejection.

The next time, however, I will fast a little less. I think through the unfamiliar fasting, I had almost too little energy for this trip. I did my job, but then I fell asleep. Something with more power can’t hurt.

Ayahuasca is a wonderful medicine. It can’t be compared to anything I know (not even pure DMT). It’s certainly not a party drug, but I think anyone interested in psychedelic drugs will enjoy this powerful plant potion.

I owe him a lot already! “

Experiences of customers from the online shop:

Buying Ayahuasca is easy in the mentioned shop. What the customers there report about their experiences is reproduced below:

  • since i taste dmt i call me kimglosha "ruler of the conciessness"
  • so if ayahuasca doesn’t work i don’t know anything what should work. it’s by far the strongest thing i’ve taken, but in peru with a shaman. i wouldn’t say that it’s a hallucinogen but it opens doors in other subtle worlds right in front of our eyes as real as you see everything else. you experience that all dimensions are interlinked and much more…
  • Exactly what I thought: quite good quality for something out of the store. Ayahuasca is definitely not for people who just want to have a great trip…
  • Well – the one-week fasting is slightly exaggerated! Pair of hours is perfectly sufficient. And SOO it’s not heavy again – everyone who already has some experience with psychedelics will get it, too, ohgne shaman or instruction to have visions on the stuff…
  • Thank you so much for giving us access to this substance. It was an intense and insightful trip. I made the stuff that’s described under "Recpts."
  • [A negative experience where no ayahuasca effect occurred is also present and probably due to incorrect preparation or insufficient self information, as the bad spelling would suggest] This user writes, "What a load of crap I haven’t eaten all day. I cooked this stuff for six hours. Nothing happened. Even my girlfriend didn’t notice. I think it was just too little.

Extensive Ayahuasca experience of a ceremony:

In the drug forum "eve-rave" a user with the funny name "DerMitDerBongTanzt" reports in detail about his Ayahuasca experience. He reports about the days of preparation and the ceremony as well as the stunning effect:

The optical component wasn’t that interesting, but that’s not what I wanted to consume. It was mostly limited to geometric, rather pale color games, as I know them from LSD. The whole room circled and felt like a UFO in our interpersonal journey. I had closed my eyes for almost the whole time, because the experience seemed a bit more intense to me.

I saw the flame of a candle that kept coming out behind black windows, rows of numbers clattering through my field of vision, ants crawling through my field of vision, the head of an old man, a pair of big eyes and the head of an owl. I tried to make contact with these very light visions, I tried to "dive through" the geometric patterns to get real visions, but I didn’t succeed.

Although I should have been disappointed at that moment, I wasn’t. The Ayahuasca seemed to tell me that I was not yet ready for such things, which I could fully accept. I had a really impressive vision, I saw energy lines between all the participants of the ceremony. Brilliant yellow lines that connected us all.


What happened then was the most impressive thing of the whole ceremony, perhaps one of the strongest experiences I have ever had. I had the feeling how my subconscious "opened". I sat like a programmer at a computer and could work on my subconscious with my consciousness, I could reprogram it. I saw it in front of me, almost figuratively, how I could fish unwanted thoughts/habits from my current consciousness out of my subconscious and throw them away. In those moments, I had to expel phlegm.

After I had thrown some things out, I noticed that I didn’t have much time left and I started to build important things into my subconscious and to internalize them. This process was extremely short, maybe five minutes, and also really, really demanding. I even had light sweat on my forehead.

Very remarkable in this trip report is the description of the programming activity. Like a hacker he sat in front of his subconscious and had 5 minutes to hack all the badness out of his soul. I put the thesis in the room that Ayahuasca is the most powerful therapeutic on earth besides Ibogain. One day it will find its way into psychotherapy even in the West.

"Ayahuasca: A plant that changed my life."

In this experience report someone talks about his Yage experience in a bodybuilder (!) forum. The report is entitled "Ayahuasca: A plant that changed my life":

"But this feeling of peace is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever felt. And it was so comforting. Immediately afterwards my path continued and I found and felt my soul. As crazy as it sounds, it was a golden ray in the middle of my body.


I then saw another situation in front of me, going into a shop and just being nice to the shop girl. This situation has filled me with so much happiness. That’s what I want to do with my life. Be nice to my fellow men, not be mean or hateful to anyone. No money in the world, nothing can get close to that feeling.


That was the experience that changed my life forever. I always said ayahuasca was a medicine, but secretly I classified it as a drug. Now I know 100% that it’s a medicine. It’s not a drug, it cures people. It’s sad that it’s classified as a drug almost everywhere in the world. It would have so much potential to save lives (drug addicts) and improve the lives of many people. “

=> Note the sometimes unintelligible, simple comments below the report. For a materialist, someone for whom there is no spirit and soul, for whom the world consists only of atoms, Ayahuasca is of course only an illusionary drug. Accordingly, he condescendingly looks at such experiences and trumpets them out into the world.

Ayahuasca experience in Peru:

In this book someone describes an Ayahuasca experience from Peru with a shaman, whereby he defeated his cancer (!). He prepared himself physically for the Yage ceremony by asceticism for almost 2 weeks:

I was in April 2012 for 14 days in Pucallpa, Peru, and did a so-called shaman diet with a very experienced shaman. The diet was that I had to do without salt, sugar, coffee, sex and alcohol for 12 days.


What Mother Ayahuasca taught me were above all lessons of love and forgiveness. I have seen all the resentment that was deposited in my body and in my psyche, resentment that I have against different. I still felt unconsciously about people. I didn’t even know that there was still so much resentment and old burden. At the same time Mother Ayahuasca showed me the beautiful energy of forgiveness: it was an indescribably beautiful, sensual, luminous, warm energy! I could choose between my grudge and forgiveness. Of course I fell so in love with the energy of forgiveness that I couldn’t help but embrace it and forgive everything and everyone from the bottom of my heart. I felt (and feel) so light, pure, happy afterwards!

But the big highlight came at the last Ayahuasca ceremony where I was definitely cured of cancer. I was in a dimension where I could understand and see how and why diseases arise and how they are healed. In this dimension everything, absolutely everything, can be healed. Diseases are only forms of energy that are deposited in the body. I could see these energies, compress the "unwanted" energies in my body, then let them become matter and excrete them by vomiting. I was able to heal myself there. It was absolutely unbelievable!!!

The first time Ayahuasca – a trip report:

The following is a really long and detailed experience report about the first time Ayahuasca as a trip report:

"In Ayahuasca there is nothing fake, nothing wrong, everything feels right and real. It is the mind that makes us look at reality in a distorted way. Yage allows us to look behind the veil of reason. The heart is always right. If we learn to listen to our heart and use our mind as a tool rather than being guided by it, we can find our individual and general path of happiness and love.


I find it a testimony of inexperience and ignorance when Ayahuasca is called a "drug". Because it is indescribably much more than a chemical reaction in the brain. Ayahuasca is truly a remedy that acts on levels we cannot imagine. I even believe that ayahuasca has the potential to heal humanity and put it on a better path. “

Order Ayahuasca safely online

Where you can order Ayahuasca, we have now clarified: in the mentioned online smartshop, the European market leader. In addition, we have found that thanks to several fortunate circumstances it is possible to order it almost without risk. After exploring this in more detail below, we show an almost 100% safe way for paranoid spirits to order ayahuasca with maximum safety.

First of all, there is the fact that we in the EU are duty-free and therefore there are no trade restrictions. Therefore you can order all kinds of drugs across national borders. The shop even sells the Yage to almost every country in the world – with a few exceptions, the end consumer can buy his ayahuasca from almost anywhere! Because of this free trade and open borders, there are no or only ridiculous random checks. This brings us to the next point, which is why ordering ayahuasca online is basically very safe.

The second reason lies in its rarity and is explained below. These police checks are carried out sporadically by customs with the help of drug sniffer dogs. Such dogs are however only trained on classic drugs like cannabis (weed, marijuana, grass, cannabis oil etc.), hashish, cocaine, amphetamine (the pep drug Speed), crystal meth, opium and so on. This means they cannot smell drugs like Ayahuasca tea, Magic Mushrooms, Kanna, Kava Kava, Ibogain, Laughing Gas, Salvia divinorum, Baby Woodrose, LSA Seeds, Cannabis Seeds, Legal Highs (smoking mixture like the Spice herbal mixture), Research Chemicals (bath salt), 1P-LSD, ETH-LAD, Al-LAD, Mescaline and all other narcotics for sale in the Smartshop mentioned.

Therefore you cannot inform the dog handler about such an order. And that’s exactly why you can buy Ayahuasca and all other substances from the shop without any special measures. These types of natural drugs are simply too uninteresting and rare for the police and customs. The big crowd gets high on the standard drugs. But the clever psychonaut stays with Mother Nature. That’s why the sale of them is so easy.

Those who are nevertheless always afraid are now advised to take 3 security measures with which one can order Ayahuasca in almost one hundred percent security:

  1. The main condition for secure ordering and online buying is a trustworthy and open friend. To these one approaches the request to order the package to its residential address. That way your address won’t show up anywhere. In the best case scenario, he would have nothing to fear, because he lives drug-free and is clean. A long-standing friendship for this method is actually essential.
  2. Secondly, the payment process should be as anonymous as possible. There are several possible variants for this. Either you send the necessary money discreetly by mail to the Ayahuasca Shop after contacting them. Or you can ask the best colleague for help again. May he also make the transfer in the name of friendship. Ideally, two different people do this – one orders the yage, one pays for it. In any case, both require a lot of trust. Alternatively you could also pay anonymously by Bitcoin!
  3. And the third is to order a perhaps banal sounding hint to the safe Ayahuasca. But he is still too rarely heeded. It’s simply, "Shut up about it! No one needs to care that you bought Yage or found out where to buy it. Anyone who knows more is a potential traitor. Who knows how you’ll face today’s "friends" in a few years. It is not uncommon for even the closest loyalty to collapse at the latest when someone has been interrogated by the police and they want to know whether they would not like to receive a lesser penalty for treason. Even if this does not have much to do with safer acquisition any longer, it is to be noted at this point: Policemen lie always in such an interrogation! You can’t even lessen the punishment. Only the prosecutor can do that. And as long as he does not assure this in writing, you will simply be fucked. Besides, you don’t betray anyone – no dealer and certainly no friends. So much on the side. However, no authority is interested in the Amazon Indian brew anyway unless it is explicitly confronted with it. They focus on the classic scene drugs cannabis, cocaine, heroin, amphetamine, crack cocaine and co.

Even though it is very easy to order Ayahuasca online, we kindly ask you to respect the laws of your country! Everyone is responsible for his own actions and actions. We do not encourage anyone to buy or consume drugs in general. Rather, we warn the contrary decisively against committing illegal acts! Any drug use should be rejected and a clear head preferred. Find out about the laws in your home country and do not buy Yage without permission from the authorities.

Summary: buy Ayahuasca, effects, consumption

Finally at the end! After reading this article about "Buying Ayahuasca" and "Selling Ayahuasca" you have now learned almost everything you need to know about the Yage plant. We now know where to order Yage online and which shop sells it at which prices. Namely when the laws of your country of residence allow it, best possible at the Smartshop from Holland – as customers from all over Europe have been practicing for more than fifteen years now with complete satisfaction. But please never break the law, even if this drugstore sells to almost every country.

Afterwards we have looked at the Ayahuasca effect in all offered detail. We quickly noticed that the effect is difficult to describe in words, but it can be roughly outlined. Namely: this shamanic drink cleanses the soul and the body, has a strong hallucinogenic effect and helps to gain valuable self-knowledge.

We learnt that one should best take a diet before Yage consumption, ideally several days with simultaneous asceticism such as the renunciation of stimulants (no alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, etc. in this period) – but at least have an empty stomach to unfold its effects.

In addition, we dealt with the Ayahuasca tea preparation and the corresponding recipes. We have pointed out that you always have to order at least 2 components for the yage, which you finally cook in the pot for hours. One component brings the psychoactive substances with it, while the other, through MAO inhibitors, makes their effect in the human body possible in the first place. In doing so, care must be taken to ensure feedback with other medicines or substances (drugs, food, etc.) due to Mao inhibitors.

Then we learned more about the course of an Ayahuasca ritual and how expensive such a ritual is in the area of origin of the Amazon with a local shaman by means of a trip to Peru. Finally, we listed some of the most readable testimonials at the end. No matter if you want to buy Ayahuasca yourself or if you want to have it done by a shaman as a long ritual: The Yage Tea is not a party drug, but a spiritual tool for self-healing!

This self-study is essential to really experience the yage tea effect in all its power. At this point we would like to point out once again that we do not propagate the consumption or even purchase of drugs of any kind at any time, and certainly not the violation of laws. Before buying, check if it is legal in your country and if possible get a separate permit. What we’re promoting is a drug-free life. Any adult who does not want to follow this example should at least inform themselves thoroughly about the dangers and safe use of the drug to be consumed. In addition, it is not advisable for newcomers to immediately approach Yage. Rather the Magic Mushrooms Order or buy magic mushrooms would be considered here to gain a first insight into the world of psychoactive plants.

Ultimately, each individual decides for himself on the basis of his free will whether and what he buys and consumes and to what extent. Personal responsibility is the key to a self-determined life. Anyone who wants to consume yage tea should proceed with caution. In any case, majority age is a mandatory prerequisite for responsible drug use. Selling ayahuasca does not mean that it is legal in your country at the same time! Please inform yourself independently about the current legal situation in your country before purchasing.

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Oval@3x 2 Yes it still works: you can buy ayahuasca and order it online from here. Thanks to the Internet, the sale of Ayahuasca is also uncomplicated outside of the Netherlands.

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